Why Do People Love Burgers So Much? Here’s Why

Why is it that burgers are so irresistible? What can’t people stop devouring this tempting and savory heck of a sandwich? Yes, experts say it is not good for you. But, why do people seem to not care? These questions are perhaps among the most asked questions by burger lovers the world over.

These are valid points. It all boils down to reasons why people love burgers so much (like the ones served by New York Minute Burgers in Thornbury). You may also have the same questions, right? Don’t worry, such inquisition and sentiments are shared by many people. You are not alone in this quest for burger answers, so smile.

At this point, it is good to drill down to some of the reasons behind everyone’s love and affection towards the golden standard of sandwiches. Let’s get started, shall we?

Because it is “Sky’s the limit” with burgers

What can’t you add to the burger? Good question, right? The burger offers unlimited possibilities. You can add whatever it is that you desire. It can be from the usual lettuce, tomatoes, and onions to kimchi, jalapenos, and yes, even French fries. Believe it or not, there is even one burger with spaghetti as its filling! Insane!

People love the burger not only because it enables them to have everything they want in one bite. But, burgers make everyone’s creative juices flowing. Such a delight has evolved to millions of variations all because of people’s constant desire to level it up to make it better every single day.

Because burgers are reasonably priced and affordable

Burgers are insanely delicious. There is no question about that. However, most of the time great eats equate to a miserable price tag. Sometimes, the world is unfair like that. Well, at least not for the burger. Burgers are so good but it’s mostly reasonably priced compared to other grubs.

For something so packed with flavor, it is generally budget-friendly. If you stay away from the specialty burgers served in incredibly fitted out hotels and other highly-rated restaurants, you should be fine. But, you may want to treat yourself to expensive burgers once a year. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s perhaps worth the experience.

Because burgers are EVERYWHERE

From the busy streets of NYC to other remote corners of the world, surely there are burgers available for everyone’s consumption. This comes as good news for burger lovers. They have a good reason to feel relieved knowing that their favorite sandwich is found in all four corners of the globe.

Because of the burger’s popularity and demand, people of different nationalities somehow came up with their own version. Why not? It is so good. It can hold as many ingredients as it can possibly handle. However, the best part is it is so convenient to eat. The only utensils you need are your bare hands. What can be better than that?

Because burgers simply make people happy

Truth be told, burgers are best shared with family and friends. Kids love burgers the way their parents do. It goes far beyond its unbelievably insane flavor. Its savory taste is just barely scratching the surface. Every awesome memory would most likely involve having fun at a burger joint. This is one of the reasons why the burger is heralded as one of the most loved comfort foods.

It is food for the soul. It makes people smile after a long and stressful day at work. Burgers give some form of relief after slaving over tons of house chores. Whatever it is, burgers just make everything a tad bit happier, deeply seeded in fond memories. Just remember to exercise, alright? Burn those calories to make your burger-eating frenzy guilt-free.