6 Fantastic Benefits of Organic Ice Cream

There is much talk about the benefits of going organic, but do you know what it means? For starters, going organic means consuming food that has not been manufactured using chemical compounds such as pesticides, and in so doing, you create positive demand. Unfortunately, many people are yet to understand that organic ice cream is not a mere trend.

In this article, we look at what ice cream can be considered to be organic, and the benefits of consuming it.

What Is Organic Ice Cream?

This is ice cream that is manufactured without the use of chemicals, right from the use of organic milk, to the process of ice cream making. The livestock producing the milk are monitored to ensure that there are no pesticides in the feed, no use of hormones, boosters, or chemical catalysts.

However, in recent times, manufacturers are swapping livestock milk for almond and soy milk. This is because it has been found to have more benefits and less health-related complications as compared to livestock milk.

Benefits of Organic Ice Cream

As it turns out, there are many benefits of eating organic ice cream over regular ice-cream. According to a recent Global Market Insights report, the organic ice cream market is expected to surpass the billion-dollar mark by 2025.

This shows that there is increasing demand. Here are the benefits of organic ice cream that you should consider:

It Is Healthier

Organic ice cream is made from organically cultivated ingredients. Right from the milk, which is the key ingredient, to the preservatives and the other agents added during production. The manufacturers take great care and precision to ensure that it meets the health standards of organic farming and production.

The bottom line is that the production of organic ice cream is manufactured with minimal or no harm to the environment. You can be sure that the ice cream will not predispose you to any health complications.

Organic Ice Cream Does Not Have Any Chemicals

Regular ice cream might have chemicals added during the production of ingredients or the manufacturing process that could be harmful to you. The manufacturer might not add them intentionally, but they will end up in the final scoop.

Most of the ingredients used in making regular ice cream are cultivated using non-natural methods of producing food. This means that you will be ingesting chemicals that your body cannot take, for example:

  • Castoreum, which is an additive used in raspberry, vanilla, and strawberry flavored ice creams is secreted by beavers to mark their territory
  • Butyraldehyde, which is commonly used in nut flavored ice creams, and it is a solvent for oil paints
  • Propylene glycol, which is used as an antifreeze agent and is present in paint remover
  • Diethyl glycol, which is as a substitute for eggs

These are only a few of the chemicals present in a scoop of regular ice cream. Organic ice cream, on the other hand, is free of these chemicals, and you will be averse to the dangers of these disease-causing chemicals.

Organic Ice Cream Is Tastier and More Flavorful

Big food manufacturing companies have conditioned our taste buds that only processed foods full of chemicals are normal to eat. However, after consuming organic ice cream for a while, you will get the difference.

These companies are spending millions of dollars trying to discourage people from consuming organic ice cream solely based on taste. For example, most organic ice cream manufacturers use organic cane sugar instead of other sugar substitutes which makes the ice cream tastier.

It Is Full Of Nutrients

Since there is minimal to no use of chemicals in the production of organic ice cream, it is more nutritious compared to regular ice cream. For example, organic ice cream contains a noticeable amount of Omega 3 fatty acids that are essential in maintaining a healthy body.

It is also packed with more vitamins and minerals. This is because the process of making regular ice creams removes most of the nutrients, and all you get is taste.

It Helps Protect the Environment

Choosing organic ice cream over regular ice cream means that you are taking a step at reducing the carbon footprint. The reason is that most of the ingredients and the production process of making regular ice cream emit a lot of carbon dioxide into the environment.

The manufacture of organic ice cream is carefully controlled to ensure that it is environment-friendly.

You Can Make It At Home

Since organic ice cream does not require the addition of preservatives, you can make it at home from locally available ingredients. The essential ingredient is organic milk. Moreover, if you are a cooking enthusiast, you can use your homemade organic ice cream in a variety of ways such as:

  • Topping it with berries, nuts, and fresh fruit
  • Making organic ice cream sandwiches, cakes, creamy shakes


When you buy organic ice cream, ensure that there is the word ‘organic’ next to every ingredient, including stabilizers. Moreover, the ingredients will be easy to understand. Unlike popular belief, you are not compromising on the taste, creaminess, or flavor when you opt for organic ice cream. Want to find out more healthy foods? Here’s our list of affordable healthy prepared meals you can eat anytime.