Getting Ready to Safely use Magic Mushrooms

When you have found a trustworthy place online to order your magic mushrooms, Canada, and you are ready to enjoy the experience of taking them it is a good idea to plan it first. To be safe and get the most positive experience, it helps to be in a good place both physically and mentally for a mind-broadening time. Here are some things to consider.

Food and drink

Make sure there is enough drinking water for everyone and that there are also surgery drinks close by in case the effects are stronger than someone wants, the sugary drink will help lessen the effects. Taking mushrooms is best done on an empty stomach so do it a good 2 and a half hours after eating. The effects if you do will start between 20 minutes to an hour after. Your friends might start feeling the effects before you but be patient and wait. Avoid overeating, everyone’s metabolism is different.

Be in good health

You should be at least 18 years old when consuming magic mushrooms, but preferably 21. You need to be in a strong place mentally. These are not a good idea if you are depressed, have anxiety and so on. It is also a good idea to wait until you are physically healthy too. Avoid ordering your shrooms online when you have a cold or your body is fighting an infection.

Do it with other people and in relaxed surroundings

It is a good idea to have other people with you when you are taking them and that these are people you like and people you trust. One or two of them should not be taking the mushrooms but should be there in case anyone needs someone with a level head to help them. If you are scared about the effects do not take them, that fear will affect your experience. Do it because you want to not because the people you are with are pressuring you to.

You will want a day free after taking them so there is nothing for you to worry about getting round to. When you intend to take magic mushrooms Canada, turn off your phone, maybe even muffle the doorbell. It is not a good time to get any kind of news that upsets the balance. Have quiet and calm surroundings, these are not what you take when you head to a festival.

General tips for taking magic mushrooms

  1. Do not take other drugs when you are taking magic mushrooms including cannabis.
  2. Do not drink alcohol when you are taking magic mushrooms. When consuming shrooms online your mind will jump from one thought to another and move quickly. Alcohol does the opposite slowing your thoughts down and putting them in loops. Combining alcohol and shrooms can lead to a bad trip. Alcohol also causes dehydration something we need to avoid.
  3. Drink lots of water, hydration is important and your body will need the water to remove what it views as toxins from it. Avoiding water is not a way to heighten or lengthen the experience. If you do not drink enough water your body will take water from elsewhere in your body and you could suffer from dehydration.