Health Benefits of Korean Ginger Tea

Most tea lovers would probably tell you that drinking tea in the morning is healthier than drinking coffee, as the drink will be able to provide you with the energy you need to get going for work or school without dealing with the side effects of caffeine. While most varieties of tea do have a little bit of caffeine in them, one particular type of tea is actually known for not having caffeine, and that tea is the ginger tea. What is ginger tea? And what are the benefits of its Korean variant, which is said to be much healthier? Let us know the answers to these simple questions as we take a look at the health benefits of Korean ginger tea.

What is Ginger Tea?

As its name suggests, ginger tea is made from the root of a flowering plant called ginger. Its root, which is aptly named ginger root, is often used as a spice for several dishes because of its natural spicy flavor and distinct aroma. Of course, ginger tea also has a spicy taste, but people would often add other ingredients like tea leaves or honey to make its spiciness milder and add a bit of sweetness to the drink.

Ginger tea is believed to have been invented in Asia, although historians are not exactly sure as to which country in Asia ginger tea came from. However, several Asian countries like China and Korea would serve ginger tea using different methods. In Korea, they would usually preserve ginger in honey to make it much sweeter once it is served as tea. Because it is preserved in such a sweet natural food product, the tea that the ginger produces has a reduced spicy flavor.

Benefits of Korean Ginger Tea

ginger tea with lemon

Like any other types of ginger tea, the Korean variety of the drink has plenty of benefits for the human body. Here are just a few notable benefits of the spicy beverage.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Ginger tea contains gingerol, which is a well-known anti-inflammatory substance that can reduce inflammation in several parts of the body that is caused by chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Other anti-inflammatory substances that ginger has are shogaol and paradols.

Pain Reliever

Another benefit that ginger tea has because of its anti-inflammatory properties is that it can reduce pain in the muscles, particularly on the arms, legs, and head. After a rough day of exercise, you might want to drink some hot ginger tea to reduce the pain you are feeling because of your swollen muscles. In addition, if you are experiencing headaches, you can also drink ginger to minimize the pain and soothe your senses.


According to research, drinking ginger tea at least once a day promotes the healthy production of the antioxidant glutathione in the body. As some of us may know, glutathione is a substance mostly associated with being the key ingredient in dozens of anti-aging products, as it helps fight oxidative stress that can cause aging in the body.  You can also consult with the best dietitian to get the best diet plan for yourself.

Can Cure Stomachache

There are different reasons as to why we are experiencing stomachache sometimes, but no matter what the cause it, drinking ginger can help reduce the pain that we are experiencing from it. Much like the previous benefits mentioned above, the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger plays a role in how ginger tea reduces pain from the stomach, as it can help calm the inflamed parts of the stomach caused by heartburn and other factors.  Some studies have shown that because of these properties ginger can boost your metabolism and be used as a natural fat burner.

Good for the Heart

The anti-inflammatory substances found in ginger can also help in enhancing the features and capabilities of our hearts, such as reducing blood cholesterol, preventing the thinning of the blood, and reducing or eliminating blood clots in the body. Furthermore, Korean ginger tea is beneficial in lowering blood pressure and promoting good blood circulation.

Helps Manage Diabetes

Studies have shown that ginger tea helps in fasting blood sugar, which is needed to reduce and manage the complications brought by diabetes to the body. Because Korean ginger tea has honey on it, people with diabetes will be able to regulate their sugar intake as the honey of the tea will be enough for them to increase their insulin levels.

Good Source of Vitamin C

Ginger has enough vitamin C in its properties for it to be beneficial in the growth and repair of tissues in our bodies. Besides those benefits, vitamin C is also responsible for boosting our immune systems and enhancing our body’s ability to absorb iron, which is much needed for proper blood production and circulation.

And, there you have, a few of a dozen benefits that you can get by just drinking Korean ginger tea at least once a day. If you love coffee, you might want to consider switching it to Korean ginger tea to get more benefits from your morning drink. The taste or flavor may take some time getting used to, but once you get fond of drinking Korean ginger tea, you might never stop consuming it every day.