How to Continue your Bodybuilding Journey amidst COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life around the globe. A large number of cities are under lockdown to control the spread of the virus. In some regions not under complete lockdown, the authorities have closed down several public spaces or limited the number of people that can use these at one time. All these prevention measures have definitely changed the daily routines of people but are helping to keep them safe too.

Among many of the closed down public spaces, gyms have suffered as well. Gymnasiums are quite vulnerable areas because of many people using the same equipment. It is quite easy to leave behind the virus if any person is infected. And it will spread like wildfire.

For many bodybuilders, this leaves the question of how to continue their bodybuilding journey amidst this crisis. Bodybuilding requires a strict and disciplined routine, which has greatly suffered during these times. Even those who regularly use pharma grade steroids, their cycle has been disturbed as they had to stop using them because of their inability to workout. However, despite these difficulties, one can adjust their workout routine. During these times, the safest way to continue your bodybuilding routine is to work out at home.

Here is how you can do that:


You should have dumbbells at home for weight training. You should own dumbbells starting from five pounds to how much you can press overhead with one arm. You can also purchase adjustable dumbbells. These provide a full range of weight options while only taking up a small amount of space for storage at home.


Depending on your bodybuilding skill and experience, you must own at least one heavy kettlebell (between the range of 30 and 50 pounds). One heavy kettlebell can help you perform loaded swings, squats, presses, and carries. In case you own two, then you will have even more options for your workout.


During the pandemic and the following lockdown, many bodybuilders have improvised their workout sessions by using household items. However, it is advised to stay safe and improvise smartly as not all such items are feasible for training.

Jumping Rope & Running Shoes

Cardio is a significant part of a workout routine. For this purpose, get a jumping rope and running shoes.

Resistance Bands

You should own at least two resistance bands of different levels. These should include one light and one less light. These bands will work as alternatives to cable machines. You will also be able to perform basic mobility drills.

If you have some backyard or similar area around your home, it can serve as an excellent space for working out. Not to mention that this will offer you some well needed fresh air. In case you do not have such a space, you can seek the outdoors like a nearby park but only if you maintain all local prevention measures. If you live in a region with a complete or limited lockdown so that the authorities have closed down public areas and spaces, then do not break the protocols.

There is no doubt that these are incredibly testing times, especially for those who have strict routines. Motivation levels are low and this is why continuing to work out is even more important. At home, you may not have the same experience as in a gym, but you will still be maintaining some part of your workout routine, moving towards your bodybuilding goals, and helping increase your motivation despite the trying time we are all going through.

Do not give up on your bodybuilding journey just because we are in the middle of a pandemic. We do not know how long it will last but it will not last forever. So, whether it is working out or buying steroids, do it all, but in a different manner. For the latter part, you can rely on one of the legit steroids sites. You can find plenty of them, but make sure to place your order at the best out of the lot i.e. TeamRoids. This website offers real steroids at the most unbelievable rates.