How To Use Beard Oil for Men?

You’ve probably been bombarded with beard oil for men’s beards at stores, ads and families and friends. And if you’ve not used one yet, you may not really know how to.

Some say the oils make you grow a beard; others say it doesn’t work the way everyone thinks. But despite all those rumours, the important thing about this beard oil is that it moisturizes your hair and skin underneath it as well as give it an attractive volume. Many men find that with beard oil they can manage their beard better, especially as the hair grows.

Let’s understand how to have a good relationship with your beard oil, the best steps to follow when using it, and what you should avoid.

What’s needed

Applying beard oil is an easy thing. All you need is a comb if your hair is long, and if you have a short beard, you can even use your hands to massage and get by. There are plenty in type, size, colour, and styles on the market. But many men like using wooden combs that are wide and narrow in their grooming routine.

You will need a container that lets you easily portion the beard oil, especially if it’s homemade. However, most oils come with an eyedropper or a lid that lets you measure in drops. So, keep that in mind. For our top recommendation visit

When to apply beard oil

The best time to apply it is obviously after washing your face or taking a shower. It’s when your pores are open and more vulnerable, especially after using hot or warm water. It is recommended to apply beard oil at least three times a day to keep it moisturized and shiny.

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How to use it

You should find instructions at the back of the oil container anyway,but here is how they are generally applied:

  1. Apply a coupleof drops in your palm and spread the oilrubbing your two hands gently.
  2. Rub and massage your beard and the skin underneath it, including your cheeks.
  3. Don’t forget to rub and massage the front of your face to reach your moustache.
  4. Rub and massage your moustache for a second time, this time with your fingertips.
  5. Use a beard comb to spread the oil even more over your beard. Make sure you alsocomb against the growth of your hair for more secured moisture.
  6. Pour more oil if you feel like the first round wasn’t enough. This will happen if you have a long beard because your beard obviously needs more oil.
  7. Comb your beard back into place, groom, and style it as you like.

What to avoid

  1. Avoid crossing the line with the oil, you don’t want your beard feeling greasy
  2. Don’t leave clustersof oil that weren’t combed properly
  3. Always apply the oil on your palms before your face, never on your beard directly
  4. Don’t use oil if it discomforts you or causes irritation on your skin
  5. Avoid pouring oil on your wet beard. Dry it thoroughly with a towel so that it’s not wet but still damp.