Top Weight Loss Exercises to do at Home

Whether you are a beginner at working out or somewhere further along the road, you might be wondering right now whether any exercise you do at home is going to help you lose weight. Sometimes going to the gym feels very empowering, using all those machines, but it is possible to combine a safe use of weight loss products with healthy eating and home exercises to start or continue on your weight loss journey. The following ideas ranked in beginner, intermediate and advanced categories are movements that use your own body weight. It means performing effective cardio wherever you are. As you get better and fitter you can increase the number, the time of the workout, and their difficulty.

Beginner Weight Loss Exercises

You do not need any training or experience to do the following movements and you will see real results.

  • Marching in place – Even if you live in a small space and the weather is rubbish outside you can do this. You elevate your heart rate and you can boost the intensity just by lifting your knees higher or marching faster.
  • Jogging in place – As above but instead of marching you jog, bouncing lightly from one foot to the other and swinging your arms.
  • Moving arms in a circular motion – Sitting or standing you can move your arms in circular motions going both clockwise and anticlockwise. Draw smaller circles if you have limited mobility.
  • Dancing – You can dance on the spot or clear a space and go for it. Put on your favourite music that makes you want to get moving and burn some calories while having fun.
  • Jumping jacks – Start with feet hip-width apart and raise your arms out to the sides. Jump lifting your arms straight and spreading your feet out, and then repeat arms going down and feet coming back in.

Intermediate Weight Loss Exercises

You are now increasing how intense and difficult the moves are to get your heart pumping harder. Different weight loss products can help too.

  • Squat jumps – Works out your quads glutes, calves and hamstrings and great cardio. With your feet hip-width apart squat down and then from there jump back up until straight again.
  • Stair climbing – Any stairs or even one step can be used to create a cardio workout. Go up a whole flight and down again, or step and down in place.
  • Jumping rope – Start with the basic jump rope move and then try different things like alternating the foot you jump from and land on.
  • Trunk rotation – Great for working out abdominal muscles you stand holding an object at your chest with elbows down to the sides. Twist your torso to one side then another. Up the weight of the object to up the workout.

Advanced Weight Loss Exercises

In general, you could just increase the intensity, speed or repetitions of any exercise and turn it into something more advanced, but some more complicated moves are below.

  • Burpees – A full-body movement that really gets your heart moving. Start in the push-up position, bring your knees to your chest and from the squat position jump up the air then go back down into the squat and then go back to the push-up position.
  • Mountain climbers – Works the whole body but is especially good as a lower body workout. Start in a pushup but with the right leg out and the left leg pulled in. Keep your hands on the ground and switch so the other leg is in and the other out. Keep switching.