What diet is most recommended by doctors?

Maintaining a healthy life is not so easy because it involves lots of diligence and sacrifices. You may have to stop eating some of your favorite items and stay disciplined by controlling your urges. Every week, a new fad diet comes out and claims to be the best.

This creates thinking among people to give up and eat whatever he/she likes. There is a lot of confusion people face while choosing the right diet for them. There are millions of different diets out there, and so the confusion arises.

Each year a panel of talented nutritionists and members of the American Medical Association look into all the diet options available and create a list. Currently, the diets that are mostly recommended by the doctors are as follows:


The full form of DASH is Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or the blood pressure. The DASH Diet can mitigate your cholesterol levels and balances your blood pressure. It is developed by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) to reduce blood pressure.

In this diet, the emphasis lies on whole foods, whole grains, and natural eating with minimum processing. It capsulizes diet plans like Atkins and Paleo. This diet also gives you the options of low-fat meals and low-carb meals.

Mediterranean Diet

The whole world admires the Mediterranean diet. Countries like Italy and Greece follow a Mediterranean diet, and yet they are exceptionally healthy. The diet includes miles of grains, nuts, olive oil, and potatoes. Non-veg and veg items are also available in this diet.

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There are plenty of legumes and fishes in this diet. If you want to consult a dietician for a diet chart, then you can opt for the best doctor from doctor listings on the internet.


MIND Diet is the blended version of DASH and Mediterranean diets. It stands for Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. The MIND diet includes the items from each diet that contain the quality of enhancing brain health.

Dark berries, carrots, kale, seafood, and fish are the best food products that resist the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The aim of this diet is cognitive decline with weight loss.

TLC Diet

TLC Diet is the most needed diet for this world. The full form of TLC is Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. This diet is the most effective treatment for lowering bad cholesterol.

The LDL cholesterol is the thing that blocks your arteries and can kill you long before your actual time of death comes. You have to avoid dairy products, fatty items, and anything fried. Weight loss will occur in this diet, and it also keeps the cardiovascular system clean.

Volumetrics Diet

Dieticians wanted to avail a diet so that people can eat to the fullest yet lose weight. It has been found that caloric density causes weight gain. So, consumption of foods having low caloric density is the best way to eat and lose weight simultaneously.

Celery, Lettuce, Cucumber, and other cruciferous greens have a low caloric density as they have lots of water and burn out quickly. Lean meats, whole grains, and beans are also included in this diet.

Flexitarian Diet

The Flexitarian diet is based on a vegan diet. Flexible vegetarians follow this diet. They avoid meat most of the time but are not strict about it. If they get an option, they will opt for vegan food; otherwise, eat non-veg.

Doctors suggest eating meat only 1-2 days and live on vegetables for the rest of the week. The diet provides us with lots of energy and a healthy and happy life.

Complete Vegan Diet

Complete Vegan Diet

Few nutritionists suggest a complete vegan diet if it is necessary for that particular person. This vegan diet is strictly based only on plant food.

No animal products are allowed in this diet. Sometimes this vegan diet can result in deficiencies of certain nutrients due to a limited range of food options.

A vegan diet can have a deficiency of vitamins B12, D, calcium, iron, and essential amino acids. A vegan diet improves the cardiovascular system, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, and type-2 diabetes.

Ketogenic Diet

Only 5% of doctors recommend the Ketogenic diet as another good diet plan for optimal health. The Keto diet is a low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and very high-fat diet. The scarcity of carbs forces the body to burn fats as its important fuel.

After a few days, the metabolism changes to ketosis, in which fat burns at a greater rate. Fats are then converted into fatty acids and ketones that are used as energy in place of glucose. The Ketogenic diet is best for fat-burning weight loss.

Intermittent Fasting

7% of doctors recommend their patients to follow Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent Fasting restricts the intake of food at certain periods. It focuses on eating time rather than what and how much you eat. One way is full-day fasting on 2 non-consecutive days every week.

Another way is alternate days of fasting. Fasting benefits glucose level control, lowers blood pressure, and reduces inflammation. Since fasting causes weight loss, researchers are still finding whether these benefits are for the fasting process or due to weight loss.


A survey on nutritional subjects reveals many other facts. Many physicians nodded to the fact that a high-carb diet is more harmful than a high-fat diet. The obesity rate is increasing because people are more intent to eat fast foods and oil-rich items instead of organic products.

Dieticians also advise that people are required to be educated about proper nutrition. For the sake of their health, when they learn what is good for their health, they will choose the right diet by themselves.