What Foods You Should Eat When Going Through A Drug Detox

Going through a drug detox is so difficult and it can be massively hampered by not eating and drinking properly while doing it.

It’s incredibly common to lose your appetite when going through withdrawal no matter what you’re addicted to. In more recent years, there has been a rise in alcohol and prescription drug addiction and for those that are now thinking of taking the step towards treatment and recovery, then you should very much be considering your diet too, as it can go a long way to aiding you.

That’s because the body needs nutrients to maximise its efforts in battling withdrawal, while there are some that can even help calm cravings. View here to learn more about drug rehab center.

So, what are the foods you should be eating when going through a drug detox?

Leafy vegetables

Dark, leafy vegetables are really great for providing B6 vitamins, folic acid and beta-carotene, which many alcoholics and drug addicts are lacking within their diet.

The likes of spinach, kale, and other salad items are very good for this, and what’s more they’ll even provide you with a great source of calcium too.

Bright fruits

Vitamin C is so important when in detox, as well as everyday life really, and it’s important to stock up on them. That means the likes of bell peppers, strawberries, pineapples and oranges should all be part of your diet, perhaps to kick things off for the day or as part of a dessert.


Protein in the body is broken down into amino acids which are then used to repair cells. The likes of tuna, chicken and turkey are good sources of B6, while red meat and pork are good for iron levels.

Fish can provide you with omega-3 acids, while for vegans and vegetarians, tofu, lentils, black beans and quinoa are ideal.

Complex carbohydrates

We’re not saying fuel up on chips here, but rather complex carbs. These contain fibre and help the digestive system alongside providing plenty of energy.

The likes of rice, beans and wholemeal bread is good for this, and even potatoes if cooked in the right way.

You’ll find less benefit from the likes of white bread, which typically isn’t that healthy for you.

Ultimately, you need a healthy balance of all the above to help get you through some of the hardest times during detox and come out the other side and into recovery feeling better for it.