Why Do You Need Whole Body Vibration Therapy?

Whole body Vibration therapy is a method that exposes your entire body to mechanical oscillations whilst you either sit or stand on a vibrating platform. There are many uses for this therapy that patients far and wide have had a great reaction to. The method was originally used in the late nineteenth century to treat serious gait disorders in neurological patients, but its benefits have been widely used for many other things including health-based benefits.

1. Improves Muscle Function

The oscillations of the vibration plates help’s the user improve their muscle functions due to putting them through intense work. With the movement of the plate, the user normally will carry out exercises or movements that overtime will allow the person to improve their muscle functions tenfold.

2. Muscle Soreness

The gentle vibrations can also help reduce muscle soreness after workouts or exercises with ease. This use of whole body vibration has been widely adopted by gym goers and athletes to alleviate any exercise related muscle soreness they may be exposed to.

3. Joint Stability

As vibration therapy stimulates muscles and ligaments, increasing blood flow around the body, it promotes joint strength too. This is done due to its ability to help reduce pain and inflammation, promote a healthy immune response and flexibility too.

4. Balance Control

As users tend to carry out exercises or movements on these oscillating plates, after a while their balance begins to get better and better. The use of vibration therapy is widely adopted by skiers, surfers and other balance related athletes or enthusiasts to give them some extra balance endurance.

5. Osteoporosis

As the muscles begin to expand and contract in a response to the vibrations and indirectly places mild stress on the user’s bones, it can help to ensure they are toughened up. People with Osteoporosis tend to reduce the amount of activity they undertake out of fear of breaking a bone, this low impact therapy helps to promote healthy bone growth and strengthening.

6. Chronic Back Pain

As the oscillations are felt by the user at intense speeds it causes their muscles to contract and stimulates them. Usually, 95% of all muscles are engaged allowing the vibrations to relax and ease tensed muscles and joints, easing the pain you may experience on their nerves and improving the range of motion you are able to achieve.

7. Parkinson’s Disease

Whole-body vibration is potentially beneficial in treating Parkinson’s disease over time. This is because it has been shown to elicit effects specific to both the brain and the muscular system through intense vibrations. In some instances, it has greatly slowed down Parkinson’s Diseases effects or allowed those suffering with it the ability to adapt with minimal impact to their health.

8. Prevention Method for Sarcopenia

As a lack of physical activity is the most common reason behind this condition, adopting whole body vibration therapy can help users become active with ease. This may lessen the chance of getting Sarcopenia, alongside other easy exercises such as walking or jogging daily.

9. Rehabilitation for Sarcopenia

It also is a great way to help those suffering with Sarcopenia as it is a simple, yet effective way to move your whole body and muscles. Incorporating whole body vibration therapy into your daily or weekly activities can give those recovering from Sarcopenia the ability to move freely and improve their health.

10. Improved Bone Density

The origins of vibration therapy can be traced back to scientists looking to help astronauts improve their bone density after spending extensive time in space. Whilst they toured space for months, they may lose up to 3% of their bone density each month. It was proven that 10-20 minutes of daily vibration therapy helped them regain this.

11. Weight Loss

Vibration therapy has now become a way to help users get rid of stubborn fat and enhance weight loss over time. Whilst it must be adopted with a healthy lifestyle and proper diet, it does have an impact on reducing weight and fat loss in users.

12. Increased Oxygen and Energy in Workouts

Exercising on a vibration platform has been proven to increase oxygen consumption as well as the energy expended during your workout. As your workouts become more intense it is harder to breath, but if you work out an incorporate vibration therapy into these workouts it becomes easier over time.


Whole body vibration therapy has many health benefits that could really impact you and your bodies overall health. By incorporating it daily, weekly or monthly a positive change can be mapped and felt by all users. The key is to use this therapy alongside maintaining a healthy living and making positive choices for your body with regards to diet and exercise. Using vibration therapy alone may impact the more severe health issues described above, but consistency and overall help will allow for success of the masses.