How to Make a quick Instagram Food Video

Whether you got your own business and an online video editor, Instagram is one of the most useful social media applications where people can easily view your content and work. Small videos such as Instagram reels are the best way to contribute a lot more uniqueness to your page. So, how can you create visually appealing food films that make people drool? Here are some of the most effective methods for creating a quick and attractive Instagram food video.

Take advice from the experts.

If you want to make content that people love to watch, start by watching renowned food influencers and your favourite online Video editor. Watch great food companies that do fantastic food videos. One way to find this type of content is to see the latest trends by simply typing hashtags for food videos in the search box. 

Analyse what makes each of the prominent Instagrammers’ videos excellent by going through their video material. Always write down the things you like and think of a unique way to use them in your film. 

You may permanently save Instagram videos to your device and watch them at your leisure if you want to slow them down, pause them in between, and evaluate them more thoroughly. Instead of attempting to duplicate their content, seek inspiration from them.

Select your preferred video format

Users could only submit 60-second videos on Instagram until recently, but now they have two extra options: Reels and IGTV. IGTV is the way to go if you’re making extended videos that last more than a minute. It’s similar to making a YouTube video, and it’s perfect for entire recipe videos.

You’ll have to capture landscapes in this format or risk having your content cut off. If you want to make a quick video, Reels is the way to go. You can use reel maker to create amazing reels easily.  You can create Instagram stories as well to make interesting videos using Instagram story templates. Only shoot these films in portrait mode. If you want to construct a whole cooking video with Reels, you’ll have to make rapid cuts from one stage to the next to stay under the minute limit.

Use good audio

If you’re making a video without a narrator, background music that fits the theme of your video is recommended. If your video is about summer coolers, choose a song that evokes a relaxed summer feel. Using music in the background can enhance your viewers’ experience and encourage them to follow and watch your material. 

Use a condenser microphone or a phone with a good microphone if you’re doing a voiceover. Nothing is more annoying than creating an engaging video with a voiceover drowned out by background noise to the point that the viewers can’t understand a word you’re saying.

Create the Scene

Prepare your scene and have all the necessary supplies and props on hand. Use the Instagram app and attach your camera phone to a tripod or camera stand to keep it simple. You can video and set up the scenario without handling the camera. However, you’ll quickly discover that having an extra pair of hands makes life much easier. Request that a buddy film you or model for your Instagram video. ​

Try out different camera perspectives

Stick to unconventional approaches to make your video intriguing and engaging. When Tasty first started making videos, it used a distinctive top-down shooting method that everyone began to imitate. Learn how to use different angles to make your films look more fascinating than others. 

Remove any redundant items from the frame and replace them with more intriguing ones. You don’t want to cram too much into your frame, or your audience will be distracted from the video’s core point. Make the videos bright and appealing to the viewers. And don’t forget to keep the food item as the focal point, and editing the video is most important.

Use a video editor if necessary

You could post a video taken with your phone, but it won’t be entertaining to watch. Use a video editor to add beautiful transitions, animations, video templates, and background music to make it more fascinating and appealing. Investing in a competent video editor program will necessitate some time spent editing your videos. 

However, the result will undoubtedly be something you’ll be delighted to display to the rest of the world. Use text to communicate any instructions as necessary. For example, if you’re showcasing a food item from a specific restaurant, you may include the business’s address in a fantastic text format to provide additional information to your viewers. 

Share & Captivate Audience 

Instagram allows you to watch your video and then remove or add shots. Return to video shooting mode and hit the “x” button on the bottom left to erase an image. The last shot will be highlighted in red. Also, when you upload a movie to your channel or social media accounts, include a video description, a recipe, or a technique in your video. 

Don’t forget to use hashtags like #foodvideo, #recipe video, and tag your Instagram friends and other social media sites. This method aids in the popularity of your video. The person who assisted or appeared in the video should be tagged.


This is the final section or paragraph of the article. We hope this post has provided you with some helpful videography tips and tricks. We are confident that your video will become a viral hit on Instagram if you follow our guidelines and plan.

Making a quick Instagram video will depend on your interests and abilities and the talents of an online video editor. Continue to try new techniques to shoot your videos, and you’ll be able to develop videos that will help your audience grow. We hope this article is valuable.