How to make the perfect fruit salad

If you’re keen to add more goodness to your diet, be it in the form of a grapefruit, then creating a fruit salad is ideal. A combination of your favorite fruits, a fruit salad isn’t exactly Korean but it provides a refreshing end to a delicious Korean feast. They’re fairly easy to master, too.

After all, fruit is good for us. Not only does it provide us with a dose of the good stuff, but it can also give us additional energy, aid digestion, and offer a light ending to a memorable meal. Fruit is even featured in popular modern-day products, although not everyone is necessarily aware of its benefits. While seeing fruit featured in movies like Toy Story 3, watching documentaries on obscure fruits, and even playing games with a fruity aesthetic like Stickers slot is appealing, generally, humans around the world need to consume more of it. A fruit salad is certainly a great way of improving your fruit intake, too.

While many people regard a fruit salad as a somewhat boring dish, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Additionally, you can munch down on a fruit salad throughout the day, be it for breakfast or even as a snack. It’s essentially a versatile bowl of goodness that provides bursts of freshness. So, if you’re keen to add more fruit to your diet, then let’s take a look at some tips on how to make the perfect fruit salad.

Always buy fruit in season

In order to enjoy fruit in the best way possible, then purchasing it when it’s in season is the thing to do. After all, fruit is imported and therefore not always fresh. As such, looking for local produce or produce that hasn’t traveled from a nation that is thousands of miles away is ideal. The less the fruit has to travel, the more fresh it’s likely to be.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up

There is nothing worse than being presented with a bowl of mushy fruit or a selection of fruit that looks the same. In order to make your fruit salad more memorable, don’t be afraid to add a variety of fruits. Likewise, it helps to throw in a mix of colors, too. After all, people eat with their eyes and tend to steer clear of unattractive dishes. If you can create a feast for the eyes, then people will feast on your fruit salad.

Preparation is key

For people to truly devour your fruit salad, you need to make sure it’s easy to eat. As such, always remove any stems, skins, and pits. Fruits like cherries, kiwis, and oranges all require a bit of sprucing up. This simple step doesn’t take too long and it makes a massive difference in terms of the end result. Make sure you cut consistent slices, too. Presentation is key here.

Avoid using watermelon

One of the most common mistakes when making a fruit salad is to just throw anything together without little thought. As we’ve already established, buying the right fruit and presenting it well is hugely important here. With that in mind, avoiding watermelon is a must. Yes, people like the taste of it, but its high water content can create an aesthetic nightmare with a watery bottom and a bowl of wetness.

Consider adding herbs


While you can add sugar to unlock the flavor of certain fruits, it isn’t always the healthiest option. A great alternative, though, is to add a few herbs to enhance your fruit salad. For example, mint pairs beautifully with citrus fruits and basil and berries is a lovely combination.