Is it easy to get pet hair out of carpet tiles?

Carpet has real benefits in the home and the workplace – it can keep rooms warm in the cooler months, muffle airborne and impact sound from floors above or below and is inexpensive to install in larger quantities.

But it can be a pain to clean when hair builds up in the carpet – especially if you have a pet.

So, is the same true for carpet tiles in a pet-friendly office?

Hair levels in the office are on the rise

Since the end of the pandemic, offices have become increasingly pet-friendly. Worldwide giant Amazon has a Dogs at Work program, resulting in over 10,000 registering dogs visiting more than 140 Amazon buildings.

Data from Brother demonstrates that certain cities across the UK have proven themselves to be more dog-friendly than others. The friendliest of which include:

UK City Number of dogs per 100,000 Number of offices
Manchester 12.39 49
Brighton 7.91 11
Edinburgh 5.38 25
London 4.82 364
Exeter 4.25 5

These increasing hair levels, combined with the 50-100 hairs shed per person, per day – can become a hair-raising problem when cleaning up.

Do hairs get trapped in carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles for environments like offices or care-home lounges are chosen for their durability, stain resistance, and dense, low pile – unlike domestic carpets which are designed to be plush, deep, and luxurious.

This means they are much easier to clean and, importantly for pet lovers, don’t trap and hide as much hair and dander within the pile.

But which carpet tiles are best?

Best carpet tiles for a dog-friendly office

If you are looking for the perfect pet-proof carpet tile, there are a couple of factors you need to take into consideration, including carpet structure and carpet materials.

Carpet structure

The best carpet structures for hair-free tiles include dense, low-pile carpets, as they don’t trap and hide hair and dander, making it much easier to remove hair with a vacuum cleaner.

Similarly, Beber carpets are ideal for spaces with pets as the hair can’t embed when fibres are looped and densely woven, keeping clean-up stress-free and simple.

Both low-pile and Berber carpets come in a range of colours and styles and feel comfortable underfoot, so you don’t need to worry you are swapping comfort for functionality.

Additionally, many low-pile and Berber-style carpets for commercial or office settings include extra protection that helps them resist damage from caster wheels on office chairs or inquisitive digging claws.

Carpet materials

Some of the best carpet materials for hair-free flooring include synthetic carpet blends with:

  • Polypropylene or olefin

Carpets constructed with polypropylene or olefin are a good option, as they are durable and stand up to damage from foot (and claw) traffic, and furniture indentations. They are also stain resistant as they are solution dyed, perfect for puppy accidents or food and drink spills.

As the cheaper option, you may find that after years of use, individual tiles might need replacing in high-traffic areas, but this is easy to do and shouldn’t take long.

  • Nylon

Nylon carpets are considered the most hardwearing option for commercial or office carpeting, with increased resistance to all manner of stains – human or otherwise. They are also resistant to wear from foot traffic and have general all-around durability, perfect for office workers and their animal companions.

This increased durability means nylon carpets are more expensive but are easy to consider as an investment.

Like polypropylene or olefin carpet tiles, nylon tiles can also be easily replaced should they need it, but the improved quality of the carpet means you may be waiting for years before this is necessary.

Find carpet tiles for your pet-friendly office today

No matter which carpet tile you choose for your office, consider a trusted carpet tile supplier that offers only high-quality brands guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Some suppliers also offer professional installation – saving you from having to clear the office and complete the labour yourself!

Your staff and their four-legged friends will thank you in the long run!