10 Exciting Facts about Beef Jerky You Must Know

Many people know nothing about beef jerky but love it as a high-protein snack. Read on and discover ten interesting facts about beef jerky.

If you are a meat lover, jerky must be your go-to snack. Its regular meat has been removed and cut into slim slices. These meat strips are marinated in spices and salted. Then they are dried to remove moisture.  Additional information, not only beef can turn into jerky, you can try turkey jerky online.

You can also make jerky at home; you need meat and salt and add any spice of choice. Also, if you want hot or otherwise known as jalapeno jerky, make sure to add black pepper and green pepper to give the hotness. This piece explores the origin and interesting facts about beef jerky.

What is the Origin of Beef Jerky?

Beef jerky has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egyptians. However, the indigenous people discovered the modern beef jerky in the Andes Mountains. Drying meat was a popular method of preserving meat among the people from ancient times.

The name jerky originates from a South American tribe known as Quechua, and they referred to dried meat as Ch’arki, meaning “to burn the meat.” They used to cut meat and leave it outside to dry under the hot sun during the day. And they were then freezing it at night. They did not remove the bones and used meat from the llamas, vicunas, and alpacas.

10 Interesting Facts about Beef Jerky

Here are some interesting facts about beef jerky.

It is a Booming Business

The beef jerky industry is growing at a fast rate. It is estimated to be a 2.5 billion industry, which is still growing. This is because the transformation of meat to beef jerky made it possible for people to shift from the standard and monotonous methods of cooking and eating meat.

So, if you want an investment venture like beef jerky brands, the jerky business should be your best bet. To succeed, you must always maintain quality, transparency, and cleanliness. And the best part is the food industry always thrives as people need food to survive.

It is a Favorite Snack for Travelers

Beef jerky is dried meat that doesn’t go bad. This makes it a perfect snack for travelers. Therefore, if you are going on a hike, road trip, or picnic, make sure to pack beef jerky. The plus of eating beef jerky is they are highly nutritious and are suitable for your overall well being.

Technology is advancing, and people are exploring different corners of the world. Since there are no hotels in space, Astronauts pack beef jerky as it is an excellent source of protein and energy. They are lightweight, making them a perfect snack to eat in a zero-gravity environment.

Lean Meat

Beef jerky is lean and rich in proteins. The meat loses fat and moisture during the drying process, but this does not impair its ability to provide you with nutrients. That is why it’s mainly used as a snack or as an addition to other foods such as salad, breakfast oats, or soups.

Has Been Around for Decades

Beef jerky dates back to ancient Egyptians as people used to preserve meat by drying it in the sun.

Animals also make Jerky.

Did you know that animals also make jerky? When hunting, some animals save a part of their prey for later. For instance, if you have observed ants, you must have seen them carrying pieces of food into their homes. Most like to preserve parts of their tasty meals by drying them for later use. Red squirrels also slice mushrooms and set them on trees to dry.

There is a National Jerky Day

If you are on a strict diet that does not involve meat, you can cheat on National Jerky Day. It was introduced in 2012 and is usually observed in the United States on 12th June.

The Wisconsin Beef Council founded the holiday while trying to raise awareness of beef jerky. This gives you the reason to stuff yourself on that day without shame or guilt.

IN 2014, Jack Link’s beef company set a record when they celebrated the holiday by making a replica of Mount Rushmore with beef jerky and naming it “Meat Rushmore.”

Has Strict Regulations

The production and importation of beef jerky are riddled with strict restrictions and regulations, which seems too much for a snack.

For instance, In the US, the Department of Agriculture requires companies producing beef jerky to follow specific procedures for quality snacks. At the same time, some countries do not allow the importation of beef jerky, and the ones that do, require a lot of documentation and inspections, making it too much of a hassle.

Many companies prefer to produce beef jerky locally, and some make homemade beef jerky.

In Italy, Jerky is served With Wine.

In Italy, jerky was initially made from horse or donkey meat, but currently, they use pork. It is usually marinated with different spices like pepper and then dried. If you visit Rome, you will notice that wine is accompanied by beef jerky in many places, so don’t be surprised.

There Are Variations of Jerky

Although beef jerky is the most popular type, other jerky are made from pork, duck, chicken, and fish. Fish jerky is considered the healthiest as it is white meat and has a higher protein content, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients.

Loses Weight during the Drying Process

When making beef jerky, you must remove the fats, and after marinating, the meat is dried where it loses moisture, shrinking the beef. For instance, 5 pounds of raw meat can lose 2 pounds. That’s why it’s the most nutrition-dense snack.

Final thoughts

Beef Jerky is a highly nutritious snack that all meat lovers love. The exciting part is you can make it at home instead of buying from the store, as most have preservatives. Above are some interesting facts about beef jerky you should know before picking your next snack. Hopefully, it has given you enough insight into this wonderfully delicious food.