5 Girly Smoking Accessories You Must Try

Smoking is a prevalent activity worldwide, but it can be hard to find ways to make smoking more interesting. If you’re looking for some girly smoking accessories that will spruce up your smoking experience—and they’re not just for women!—then read on.

1. Pink and Fun Glass Pipes

Smoking is already an enjoyable activity, but it can be made even better with the right accessories. One of the best smoking accessories is a glass pipe. However, there are many different types and shapes that smokers can often feel overwhelmed by choice.

If you’re looking for something girlier than your average glass pipe, then check out some of these fun designs.

This girly glass pipe features two lilies on the sides, giving it a beautiful vintage appearance. It’s made of gorgeous pink glass with white designs and, despite the feminine design, is very easy to clean.

It also has a sturdy base which means that this pipe can be stood up without worrying about accidents. This design makes it perfect to have out as a decoration, even if you don’t plan on smoking from it.

2. Pink Torch Lighter

This pink torch lighter features a unique design that’s pretty to look at, even if you don’t smoke. It’s also convenient and made to last for years with proper use.

Lighters are small items that make them perfect to carry around in your handbag or pocket, allowing you to spark up when the mood takes you quickly.

This lighter is made of steel and has the appearance of an old-style gas lamp, making it a fascinating item and a helpful smoking accessory. Even if you don’t smoke using lighters, this makes for a great decoration next to your glass pipe or in any other area where you like to smoke.

3. Girly One-Hitter Pipes

One-hitters are a type of small pipe that can easily be carried around with you, and they’re perfect for quickly getting a hit of your favorite herb. They’re also typically sold as singles, meaning that you can experiment with different types without going overboard.

These girly one-hitters make great accessories because they come in various styles and patterns.

4. Spray Air Freshener

Smoking can leave a bad smell in your house if you don’t keep on top of it. But many air fresheners are designed to be masculine rather than cute and girly, which smokers with an eye for detail can find frustrating.

Fortunately, one kind of air freshener looks pretty enough to be used as a decoration rather than in the bathroom.

5. Cute Glass Chillums

A chillum is a type of small smooth pipe for smoking. It’s perfect to have around if you prefer smoking on your own because it doesn’t have the same social aspect as most other forms of smoking.

Traditionally, chillums were made out of clay, but glass has become more popular in recent years. These can make the perfect girly smoking accessories because glass is great for catching the eye and very decorative.

Various chillums are on offer, but some have adorable designs that make them more suitable for women than your average clay chillum. For example, one featuring a pug dog wearing a bow tie.

However, you can also find girly chillums that are more subtle. Many of them feature flowery designs, which instantly makes them perfect to have out as a decoration. They’re also made of borosilicate glass which means they won’t leave nasty smells or stains wherever you use it.