7 Tips to Give Your Coffee Brew a Boost

Before you rush out of your door in the morning, brew a cup of coffee at home and sit down to enjoy it. But, the best way to enjoy your coffee is to brew a better one. If the way your coffee is tasting does not please you. Think of ways to give your coffee brew a boost. Try the healthiest ways to drink coffee as you seek new ways to improve your coffee brew. Choose a new ingredient, creamer, and change your routine to start enjoying the taste of your coffee. Below are some simple steps you can follow to brew your coffee.

1. Explore sweeteners and creamers

Sweeteners and creamers are good varieties to doctor any cup of coffee. Although a good cup of coffee brew does not need anything per se. If it is your coffee, you can add any additives. You can opt for some butter instead of cream or milk. For sugar substitutes, use cinnamon, and simple syrups are easier to make. For a quick iced coffee, freeze leftover coffee with sugar and milk or make your Irish cream. Try to have fun, follow your mood, and you will enjoy every cup of coffee you make.

2. Choose a better coffee bean 

Choosing to drink the same coffee you drink every day is easy. However, today, there is an impressive and vast coffee selection. From the grocery store to the local coffee shop, you can get many coffee beans to explore. Also, you can find some affordable and quality coffees if you like to experiment with new brands. Sample different roasts, and look for one-pound bags. Find the right coffee bean for you, and you will find it out there.

3. Learn to make coffee shop drinks 

If you watch a barista make a few coffee drinks, you will notice they are not difficult to make. Creating coffee shop drinks at home is easy. As an example, a latte needs foamed milk, a saucepan, and a whisk. An Americano, a teapot of water, and a stovetop espresso. If you love flavored drinks; syrups are the secret. Once you figure out how to make them, you enjoy making your coffee differently every day, and you save a lot of money.

4. Avoid old coffee

Burnt or overheated coffee is the reason for bitter and bad-tasting coffee. Also, when you leave the pot on the warming burner until it dries. The worst coffee habit is reheating it in the microwave. To enjoy your coffee, brew a fresh cup. Plus, avoid reheating when you need some caffeine jolt in the afternoon, and do not leave your coffee pot on the warming plate for more than an hour. If you feel it’s like wasting coffee, place it in the fridge and enjoy iced coffee later in the afternoon.

5. Use clean water

No matter the type of coffee you prefer, it all comes down to the water you use and the coffee beans. Therefore, select the right beans, ideal grind, and clean water. Use clean and cold water to brew your coffee. Filtered tap water or distilled bottled water produces a better and cleaner cup of coffee than using water straight from a tap.

6. Trying a different brewing technique 

Brew your coffee with various methods to know the one you like best and find something different from the drip coffee maker. You can try the French press or the popular Aero press as they are great options. All these create a rich and flavorful cup of coffee better than the drip brewer. They may need attention and time and won’t brew many cups at once, but the result is worth it.

7. Clean your equipment 

Clean your coffee pot to remove the residue left behind from diminishing the taste of our next cup. Therefore, if you notice your coffee is not brewing right, it is time to deep clean because tiny particles clog your filters and brewer. Also, check for cleaning instructions to do it the right way. Importantly, if you heat water in a teapot, descale it often with water and vinegar too. Thoroughly rinse your equipment until the water is clear and the vinegar smell is gone.