A Wine Enthusiast’s Guide To Choosing Wine Racks

Having a wine collection in your home would always be a great way to improve your property’s appearance, while giving you quick access to alcohol whenever the situation calls for it. But, apart from its visual appeal, there are more things you should consider when choosing the wine racks, including their ability to preserve wine flavor, among many others.

For some fail-safe strategies you can confidently refer to, here’s a wine enthusiast’s guide you can use as you look for wine racks:

1. Choose The Right Material

Wine racks come in two types of materials: metal and wood. By knowing the advantages of each type, you should be able to decide the best material that’ll house your wines perfectly.

Metal Wine Racks

If you prefer a modern style of wine display, then consider choosing a metal wine rack. These are available in floor-to-ceiling and freestanding options, as well as smaller wine pegs to customize the layout further.

This type of material will especially blend well with a home interior that has a contemporary or industrial theme.

When choosing metal wine racks, you can opt for basic, complicated, or creative designs. By picking the right design, you can allow your wine rack to help further enhance the beauty of your home by having it serve as an attention-grabbing décor piece at the same time.

Moreover, you can also decide on the color finish of your metal wine racks, making sure that it’ll harmoniously match the aesthetics of their surroundings. For a classic look, black would be a perfect choice. But, if you have a more experimental, bolder home design, it also doesn’t hurt to use some pops of colors, as long as they suit the whole theme.

Wooden Wine Racks

If you’d like to go for a more classic and relaxed vibe, you might consider going for a wooden wine rack. Moreover, it can make any room look grandiose and luxurious, thanks to the material’s innate elegance. Moreover, it’s easy to match it with basically any type of interior design.

However, when going for wooden wine racks, ensure that you choose the right size and thickness to ensure stability. While most wooden wine racks are half-an-inch thick, they’ll only do well for light wines or things that you’ll only use for a few years. However, if you plan on storing your wines for a longer time period, you might want to consider looking for ones that are at least three-quarters thick. Moreover, it’ll be helpful if the materials are glued, nailed, and screwed together to ensure their sturdiness for years to come.

2. Check The Capacity

One of the biggest factors you should consider when buying wine racks is their capacity. This is extremely important as this will determine how wide your collection could get. While going for a small wine capacity would be a safe option as you can easily fill it up entirely, plus it can keep yourself from spending too much on more wine, going for an expanded wine rack might be a better solution. This is especially viable if you’re confident you’ll increase your collection over time.

Moreover, you should consider how many types of wine you’d like to keep inside your home. Furthermore, it’s important to note that different wines have various sizes, which might not fit your regular wine rack. So, these are also vital considerations you need to make.

In addition, you should also think about how long you plan on keeping your bottles. Depending on your preference, there might be some wine bottles that you’d want to age for years, even decades, while there are some bottles that you can drink at any time of the day. That said, it’s a must that there’s enough space for each of these categories to achieve that perfect balance.

3. Choose The Right Wine Rack Style

There are three types of wine racks in terms of style: freestanding, countertop, and wall-mounted.

A freestanding wine rack will take up some floor space as you’ll be lining up your bottles from floor to ceiling or to whichever height you prefer. While it looks amazing, this might not be the best choice if you have children and pets with you as they can stumble over the rack, and you’ll end up with broken bottles of precious wines. This type of rack can be a single tall tower or a long shelf that’s against the wall for a sophisticated look. While a tower rack might look more space-saving, you need to consider its safety risks and how accessible the wines will be that are located at the top areas.

A countertop wine rack, on the one hand, can work if you have plenty of space to place your wine racks conveniently inside your home. This can go over your kitchen, wine nook, or your living room, allowing your wine collection to be a great piece of decoration and highlight of your home. However, when going with this type of wine rack, anticipate that you’ll only be able to keep a few bottles at hand, as going for a larger piece might not look too appealing for your home.

Lastly, a wall-mounted wine rack would surely bring your home wonders as it’ll provide your home with everything you need without consuming any floor space, allowing your place to be space-saving and beautiful at the same time. You can even add as much wine as you want as you have the entire wall to fill. Moreover, it can also act as a wall decoration that can surely help to make any room look unique. It’ll be the perfect piece for your home, especially if you there’s a wine bar that’d go with it.


Choosing the perfect wine rack for your home will never be easy, especially with the number of things you should keep in mind. As you select the right material, style, and capacity for your wine rack, you should be able to see which one would best fit your home and lifestyle. With thorough research, you should allow your home to have the perfect rack that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.