Accessories You will Receive in Your Smoking Subscription Box

In addition to providing smokers with high-quality cannabis flowers and concentrates, the Smoking Subscription Box delivers several extras to its members each month as well. These subscription-box extras can include rolling papers, lighters, vaporizers, grinders, and even glass pipes.

Marijuana subscription box services aim to provide subscribers with everything they need to enjoy the marijuana lifestyle without going out and purchasing each of these items separately. So, what will you receive in your subscription box? Check out this handy guide to find out.

A Premium Convertible Dab Rig

A premium convertible dab rig is essentially a hybrid between your regular bong and your standard dab rig. It’s ideal for smokers who want to smoke either flowers or concentrates. It features a classic male joint, a removable diffused down stem, and a female flower bowl attachment—a perfect addition to any smoking setup. All these boxes come with everything you need so that you can start smoking right away.

Silicone Concentrate Container

If you’re looking for something that’s quick and convenient but also discreet, these silicone containers won’t disappoint. These clever containers are made of food-grade silicone, and they come with a lid and a dab tool. These containers keep your concentrate fresh and are very easy to use, so they’re perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts.

Expertly Crafted Quartz Banger Nail

It may be the wow element of your smoking subscription box. This nail is specially designed to provide a consistent flow of smooth and flavorful smoke. The long handle gives you extra control when moving your banger to and from your water pipe, ensuring that every hit is an enjoyable one. These nails are handcrafted from high-quality quartz glass, making them incredibly durable as well as visually appealing.

Metal Rolling Tray

Rolling on a flat surface is preferred over rolling directly on a table or hardwood floors. Paper can also be placed over your metal tray if you want to use it as a work surface. Rolling trays are typically used for joints, but you can also use them for blunts and spliffs. Experienced ones recommend that you only use one type of paper per rolling tray to prevent cross-contamination.

Rolling Papers

Whether you like to roll up your weed with a classic Zig Zag or a trendy RAW, your subscription box will include papers and maybe even a grinder. If you’re unsure which papers are best for you, don’t worry: there will be options. After all, what is better than that first puff of cannabis? Nothing.

A Grinder

Some people like to roll their weed up into joints or papers, but that takes a bit of time and skill. A grinder is much easier. You just grind up your weed, mix it with your tobacco (if you want) and then pack it into your pipe or joint. Grinders come in all shapes and sizes. Some are simple, and some have extra features, like magnets, to hold them together when not in use.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a weed smoker and your favorite thing about taking up is getting new strains or products to try, then you need a subscription box for weed. These boxes contain samples of dozens of different strains, allowing you to experiment with new strains.