Alternative Ideas For Christmas Dinner

Are you tired of having the same food on your Christmas table every year? Sure, turkey can be delicious, and your grandmother might not be able to imagine even one Christmas without it on the table. However, what about adding a twist to the well-known and well-respected bird?

If you fancy surprising your family and friends with the outstanding medley of tastes and fragrances, go for it and make their mouth water. Here are some tips for Christmas variations that nobody will be able to resist!

Barbecue Is Not Just for Summer

Don’t be discouraged by the snowy weather and the chilly breeze. Put your winter coat on, brush off the snow from your gas or infrared grill, pick your favorite type of meat, and grill away! The heat from the grill will keep you warm so that you won’t freeze to death. Moreover, you’d free up some space in the kitchen. The aroma of roasted food is incomparable, so don’t restrict yourself and have the pleasure of dainty barbecue not only in the summertime!

You can opt for the turkey or ribs, or you can let your imagination go wild. One of the ideas is to grill the halloumi cheese with prosciutto. You can also serve slices of barbecue ham with juicy grilled pineapple if you want your life to be a little sweeter.

Don’t restrict yourself only to meat. How about grilled vegetables? You can make them as little appetizers. Boil the vegetables you plan on grilling, and melt some cheese to make the dressing. This is a great idea if you have kids who are not the biggest fans of vegetables – you can easily sneak some delicious carrots, zucchinis, and eggplants into their diet without them noticing.

Beverages to Warm Your Heart

Christmas is associated with enjoyment and parties! And there are no parties without fancy, hot beverages. As this time is unique, make your drinks equally memorable. Replace the bloody marry or pina colada with a little spark of ginger and the scent of oranges. And we’re not talking only about mulled wine!

There are many non-alcoholic drinks that you can serve to both adult and younger guests on your Christmas Eve. Mix water with cranberry and apple juices, add some honey, a couple of cinnamon sticks, cloves, and some fresh nutmeg to sweet it up. Finish it with a slice of orange. Is there anything that sounds more festive? If you decide to make an alcoholic version of this drink, add a little gin – preferably the plump one.

Consider making an alternative version of mulled wine. Add the traditional Christmas spices to red wine, pour some cranberry juice, and serve it cold. Partygoers won’t be able to resist it when the dinner is over.

You can try all those drinks out before Christmas Eve so that you know more or less how they taste – treat it like training and make your evening pleasant.

Sweet, Sweet Life

Christmas pudding can also be far from traditional if you are in need of a change this year. Remember, dessert goes straight to the heart. Don’t count the calories and enjoy the not-so-guilty pleasure of sugar and eggs.

Add amaretto to your pudding to make it a little more ‘spicy.’ Crush some amaretti biscuits and add it to the dough, so your pudding would have almond undertones. That’s an excellent solution for those who don’t want to resign from traditional Christmas dessert but want to prepare it with a little twist!

Most of us know and love apple crumble, as it’s easy, fast, and luscious. But apple crumble can be even more dainty with a bite of marzipan! Sounds odd? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

There are plenty of variations to traditional desserts. If you have time on your hands, you can mix the recipes you know and create something entirely new. Have you heard about a spiced orange cake with Christmas pudding ice cream? You don’t have to pick the dessert, as you can have it all in one!

The Bottom Line

Making the same dishes for Christmas every year can become quite boring. So, how about making this year special and trying out things you have never done before? It doesn’t have to be some exquisite dish from the other side of the world. It can be a variation of something you know and love – take out your grill, warm yourself up with a warm beverage, and get ready for the amaretti pudding.

You don’t have to associate Christmas preparations with a weary duty. They can be exciting again! Not to mention the sparkling eyes of your guests when they see what you’ve prepared. Trust us – it will all be worth it.