Everything You Need to Know Before Installing An Office Water Filter

A water filter is an effective solution to provide an unlimited supply of fresh spring water to your loved ones. Be it your home kitchen, workplace, or a public place, the availability of fresh and pure water improves the environment.

So, before starting your search for the best water filter for your workplace, here are several things you must know.

There are several commercial water filtration systems such as reverse osmosis and bottle-less office water filter.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of an office water filter or reverse osmosis system might help you to install a water filtration system that best fits your employees’ hydration requirements.

Why Should You Invest In An Office Water Filter?

Consultants and executives have pitched theories to create the modern image of the office as an extension of a comfortable home.

An office has everything to provide comfort- from open designs and seamless technological integrations to flexible furniture and coffee makers. Your workplace is a collaborative space where creativity, productivity, and enthusiasm are enhanced by its environment.

So, it is a no brainer that an office water filter outweighs all the benefits of plastic water bottles for each employee.

Deploy A Comfortable Office Environment

The effort to make the workplace a comfortable space extends to the water we drink and the food we eat there. Tap water can be full of contaminants, chemicals, and other toxic substances that can’t be digested by a human being.

Companies that struggle to improve their work environment cast an eye towards installing office water filters for convenient access to hot, cold, and chilled water for all the employees.

Fulfill The Basic Amenities Of Employees

Offering clean spring water from an office water filter is an effective way to fulfill the basic amenities required by the staff. By providing clean spring water straight out of a water filter, you’d be improving their health and overall well-being.

Reduce Dehydration To Improve Productivity Among Employees

Dehydration can block creativity and reduces the employee’s ability to think big, concentrate, or be productive. However, keeping them hydrated by providing unlimited access to beneficial spring water will allow you to increase their productivity.

Cost-Effective Solution To Reduce Company Expenses

Investment in an office water filter is a cost-effective as well as an environmental-friendly solution to reduce the company’s expenses. By installing a water filter in your office, you’d be eradicating the waste stemming from plastic water bottles.

This will not only save the environment but will also reduce the expenses of your company in the long run.

What Types Of Commercial Office Water Filters Are There?

Understanding the different types of office water filters might help you make a worthy investment for your office. Without conducting proper research, you could end up with the wrong type of office water filter that might not be best for your staff.

The two types of office water filters are:

  • Bottle-less office water filters
  • Reverse osmosis filtration systems

Bottle-Less Office Water Filters

Bottle-less office water filters are quite similar to the types that have space for a 5-gallon water bottle. Unlike the other types, bottle-less office filters provide filtration of spring water on the spot. The tri-temperature office water filters can provide room temperature, chilled and hot water while the standard water filters provide hot and cold water only.

Importance Of Filtration System In The Office Water Cooler

Bottle-less office water filters utilize both, the multi-stage carbon filtration system and the reverse osmosis filtration system. The multi-stage carbon filtration system captures the chemicals and chlorine in the spring water while the reverse osmosis water filtration system captures the dissolved chemicals and other substances in the spring water.

Bottle-less office water filters also remove the bad odors that come from the spring water.

The combination of reverse osmosis and multi-stage carbon filtration systems ensures that the spring water coming from the water cooler is always tasty and fresh. The limited supply of clean and fresh spring water is what your employees need to get on with their day.

Bottled Water Delivery Service Vs. Office Water Filters

If we compare both options, an office water filter takes much lesser space than a bottled water delivery service. With the cooler, you won’t have to worry about separating the empty and full water bottles.

The Commercial Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

It is a great alternative to bottle-less water coolers and is convenient to install in small spaces. Although it can supply cold and hot water, it does not provide unlimited water supply to multiple delivery areas.

Reverse osmosis filtration systems vary in size and depend on POU. However, a standard reverse osmosis filtration system can provide up to 75 gallons of water every day.

Some types of reverse osmosis filtration systems are:

  • Eradicator reverse osmosis system
  • Compact reverse osmosis system
  • Frame-mount vertical RO system


The reverse osmosis filtration systems are better suited for industrial and large commercial applications. However, a typical office environment might need a bottle-less water cooler to provide an unlimited supply of fresh spring water to the hardworking employees. You may also try natural ceramic water filters for a more eco-friendly approach.