How to Choose the Best Glass Pipe?

There are different ways to ingest weed. You can choose vaping, smoking, edibles, and many more. If you want to experience the effects of weed quickly, you can smoke weed through a pipe. A weed pipe is available in various designs and is made of different materials. When choosing a pipe, you should not get carried away by the attractive design. Do focus on the function of the pipe.

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If you cannot choose the best glass pipe for your requirements because of so many options, here are some tips that can help.

Types of Glass Pipes

There are several types of glass pipes available at Freepipefriday. Here is the list and some information about it.


It is a primary weed pipe that looks like a straight tube. Chillum is one of the oldest methods for smoking weed, but people like to smoke weed with it even today. Using a chillum is relatively easy. Place and pack the dry weed at one end, light the weed and start inhaling. It is that simple.

The experience of smoking weed with different types of glass pipe varies significantly. In the case of a chillum, the pipe’s size also makes a difference in temperature and the hit it gives.

Spoon Pipe

Spoon pipe comes second in terms of simplicity. Its shape is similar to a spoon. It has a bowl at one end for placing the dry herb. Smoking weed with a pipe is slightly complicated. After placing the dry bud and lighting it, you need to cover the hole to draw air inside and then uncover the spot to inhale the weed smoke

Sherlock Pipes

It is named after a famous literary character. It has a slightly different design, with a bowl located at the end of one stem. When you place the dry herb in the bowl and light it, the smoke travels through the stem, and weed smokers can enjoy it.

Things to Look In Best Glass Pipes

With so many options to select in glass pipes, there are certain factors you need to consider when choosing the best glass pipe.

Glass Type

The weed pipe is not made of the same glass that your windows or drinking glasses are made of. Glass pipes are made of scientific glass known as Borosilicate; the laboratory equipment is made of Borosilicate. The glass is engineered to withstand high temperatures and various chemicals and substances without affecting the smoke’s quality or affecting the glass pipe’s surface.

Pipe Style

You have already looked at different styles of glass pipes. The right kind of glass pipe depends on the type of product you plan to smoke and your smoking preferences. There are two types of weed smoke – hot smoke and cool smoke. The bowl design and the carb also play an essential role in your smoking experience.

The carb plays a vital role in controlling the temperature of burning weed and its burning rate. Bongs come with carbs that are removable, which makes cleaning easy.


There are several brands of glass pipes, and not all glass pipes are made equal. Look for a glass pipe of a reputed brand that will ensure it is made with good quality glass and built sturdy.

So, these are some factors to consider for choosing glass pipes to smoke weed.