How to Give Your Kitchen a Contemporary Feel

When you think about contemporary style, what comes to mind? Bright colors, modern furniture, and sleek appliances are just a few things that may come to mind. A contemporary kitchen is all about clean lines and open spaces. The modern look attracts a lot of attention, but it cannot be easy to achieve this sleek style with dated appliances and cabinetry. If you want your kitchen to feel new, we recommend replacing the lower cabinets with glass fronts for an airy aesthetic to make space appear larger than it is. 

In our blog post, we offer some tips on how to give your kitchen a contemporary style!

Change the Flooring

An old, dirty kitchen doesn’t have to be the way it is forever! One inexpensive trick for giving your entire space a facelift is changing out the flooring. Replace tiles or lay a natural material rug like wool or chobi rugs to cover the floor wear and tear and tear. You can also install wooden floor or mosaic tiles in your kitchen.

When you’re preparing to install your new floor, a dumpster rental at your home is a great way to get rid of the old flooring.

Use White Appliances

The best way to give your kitchen a contemporary feel is by using clean white appliances such as countertops, ovens, and dishwashers. White appliances are a perfect way to keep the kitchen feeling fresh and new. Plus, they’re easy to clean! If you’d rather have color in your kitchen instead of white appliances, try using stainless steel as an accent piece for added brightness, or choose other light-colored materials like silverware from your drawers. Space will be transformed!

Mix Patterns

When choosing cabinetry that you have never considered before, a great tip is mixing different patterns to get a sense of contrast or even balance. Look for a mix of geometric, traditional, and contemporary patterns to create an interesting look in your kitchen!

Keep Appliances in the Same Area

If you have more appliances that need to be plugged into the wall at once, consider keeping them all together to keep things organized. Some great ideas for appliances are laundry machines or a dishwasher.

Open Up Your Cabinets

One way to make your kitchen feel more spacious is by opening up cabinet doors all the way, which will allow for better visual flow. This also helps when trying to find items inside of your cabinets! If you have space, removing a section of your back wall and opening it up to an open floor plan will allow for more natural light in your kitchen.

Don’t Be Afraid To Add Color If You Want It!

Kitchens can be just as colorful as other rooms in a house! Look at nature or find inspiration from Pinterest. Having the knowledge of color theory and how to use it can help when deciding on the colors for your kitchen, whether that be in a paint palette or with new appliances!

Add Some Pizazz to Your Countertops with A Few Accessories

Counter space is often in high demand in kitchens, so here are some simple ideas to add hands-free activities other than cooking: a cutting board, paper towel holder, and potholders are perfect to have on hand!

Add A Little Personality to the Walls with Some Artwork

Your kitchen is a perfect place to show off your personality and creativity. Consider adding some artwork or even an entire gallery wall of photos from friends and family that you love the most. Framing them in fun colors will make your kitchen out of the world.’

Add an overhead pot rack to increase the amount of cabinet space without adding more cabinets. This idea is especially great for those with a smaller kitchen as it will maximize your storage potential! Hang pots and pans from hooks or store utensils in buckets on the bottom level. Decoratively place them.

Have A Window, Frame It

If there is a window in your kitchen, then you should use it! By keeping the curtain or shades open and framing the view with some plants on the windowsill, you will be able to enjoy a nice natural light while working. Place pots of herbs outside of the window for freshness as well as natural light. Shades are also the best idea for the kitchen window.

Have A Lot Of Counter Space

If you have enough counter space or an island in your kitchen, then it would be best to look for ways to maximize the use of that space. Consider getting wine storage built into the cabinet below and storing plates on open shelves above! This will provide both great function and decoration at once. We all know that the kitchen is usually the busiest room in your house, so if you have space for it, adding an island to give more workspace can be beneficial! It will also make the room feel more open.

Place a Rug

We spend hours in the kitchen, and it is not always the cleanest room. Place a rug in your kitchen to protect your feet from whatever dirt might be on the floor and also make it feel cozier! Ziegler Rugs are made of 100% natural materials, making them the perfect choice for a kitchen. They’re also great because they can help to absorb some spilled food or water. A rug in your kitchen might be able to give you relief as well; feel free to put it by a counter or on the side of the sink or cooking range, where you think that most dirt will accumulate. Including a rug can make your kitchen feel more welcoming and cozy when you’re working in it or just hanging out!

Make It Your Own

One of the best ways you can give your kitchen a contemporary look is to have fun with colors, fabrics, patterns, materials, textures, etc. Choosing a contemporary color can bring the whole space together. You might want to try out some cool colors that you wouldn’t expect in your kitchen, like turquoise or purple!

Use Modern Utensils

Ditch the old utensils and Invest in modern utensils for your kitchen. Knives, pots, and pans, cutting boards – you name it! Utensils and appliances can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen. Old and worn-out appliances can make your space appear dated or cluttered.

On a Finale Note

The kitchen is the main part of a home, and it deserves to be decorated with style. If you’re not sure how to design this, we have a few ideas for you! We hope that these tips will get your creative juices flowing so that you can make the most out of what may seem like an un-personalized space. Remember, there are many ways to give your kitchen a contemporary feel without breaking the bank or having to sacrifice comfortability. So go ahead and explore our blog post on “Tips To Buy Ziegler Rugs” for more great design inspiration today!