How to grill frozen steak

How to grill the frozen steak is a disturbing question for the beginner, but an expert griller has multiple ideas in mind at the rise of this question. If the guest has suddenly arrived and you don’t have hardly any steak out of the freezer, essentially, you need to grill the frozen steak. So, baby, be cool! No worries at all because the frozen steak can result in a mouthwatering taste. If you are interested in the taste to how does is it possible? Then stay here because, in this post on grilling a frozen steak, I will discuss some tips and tricks with you.

Step by Step Guide to Grilling a Frozen Steak

In the below discussion, you will get the answer to your question, “is it possible to grill a frozen steak”? The short answer to this question is yes! To find the best results, you need to follow some smart cooking tips.

Step by Step Guide for Frozen Steak Grilling

We’ve found that the best results come from using specific cuts and techniques, so you need to keep these tips in mind for getting the most out of your frozen steak:

Two-Zone Cooking

The best way to cook a frozen steak is the two-zone cooking technique. Grillmasters, set up your grill, so you have a hot side and cool zone! Then turn on one burner to high heat while keeping another off. Once your grill reaches about 500 degrees Fahrenheit (about 260 Celsius), a place that delicious slab of beef onto the hotter part and let it sear for around 5 minutes. Until it has browned all over but not cooked through yet; then flip and repeat on another side once more before finishing in indirect heat. If necessary, depending upon how rare/medium/well done you want meat finished at—the latter will require approximately 20–25 minutes total, whereas medium should take only 10–15 depending upon the thickness of steaks being.

The Size of The Steak

Cooking a frozen steak takes longer because the exterior will overcook by the time it reaches 350°F, but this can be avoided with thin steaks. Steaks that are at least an inch thick make the best-frozen choices. Because they cook faster, you’ll have a flavorful meal in no time with Ribeye, Porterhouse, or New York Strip steaks!

The Grill Set-Up

The 2-zone setup was found to be the optimal cooking arrangement. Direct heat first to create a crust, followed by indirect heat for gently and evenly finishing cooking. For a gas grill you should explore smokersgeek or if you haven’t already figured it out, determine the distance from your burner that will allow food at an ideal temperature range of 6 inches or less depending on how new your model is (older models with horizontally placed burners should do fine between 10 inches). Use an infrared thermometer while determining this so you can find where some hot spots may occur in case they might affect the results of what’s being cooked.

Monitor The Temperature

A steak served at the right temperature is one of life’s great pleasures. To get it just perfect, keep a meat thermometer close by to ensure that you don’t overcook your meal in search of perfection! There is only 10°F of difference between medium-rare and medium, so make sure your temperature reading isn’t off by much!

Doneness Temperature Guide

These are the recommended temperatures for cooking different types of steaks:

  • Rare – 115-120° F
  • Medium Rare – 120-125° F
  • Medium – 130-135° F
  • Medium Well – 140-145 °F
  • Well, Done 150+ degrees

Removing The Steak from Grill

When grilling a steak, remember to pull it off the grill when its internal temperature is about 5-10° Fahrenheit below your desired doneness. This will prevent overcooking because of thermal overshoot (the phenomenon where meat’s core continues cooking after being removed from heat).

Seasoning the Steak

There are a few steps to cooking the perfect steak. First, you should sear your frozen steak for it to achieve much flavor. Then use indirect heat over coals or gas and cook until done on both sides of the meat at medium-high temperature. Be careful not to overcook, as this can lead to tough, dry steaks!

What are the Steps to Follow When to Grill a Frozen Steak?

Temperature Setting

Now that your grill is up to heat, it’s time to start cooking. There are two ways you can do this: the first involves a method called “two-zone grilling,.” Which requires about 10–15 minutes for charcoal and 5 minutes on gas; or if you want an even cook across all of the meat without too much worry over flareups, then use direct high heat instead (which takes no more than five minutes).

Searing the Steak

The key to cooking frozen steaks on the grill is patience. First, slap your steak down onto a hot surface and watch it sizzle for roughly 5-7 minutes per side to get that perfect sear. Then, check the internal temperature of your meat while keeping an eye out, so you don’t let it rise above 90°F before removing it from heat completely!

Seasoning the Steak

Season your steak with kosher salt because it adheres better than regular table salt after you’ve seared the surface of the meat, season both sides evenly until they are fully covered in a thin layer on each side of the steak.

Cook the Interior

Quality instant-read thermometers are vital for getting the perfect level of doneness when cooking steaks. Keep your steak 5°F below the desired temperature and pull from heat once it reaches this point to get the right outcome with tender, juicy meat that is perfectly cooked through. Use our doneness guide (given above) for exceptional results.

The user should not overlook the quality of an instant-read thermometer when you plan on grilling a great steak, so find one that can give precise readings as well as being easy to clean after use!


As someone who deeply enjoys cooking and eating steaks regularly, I believe that learning the proper way to do so can benefit everyone! In this article, you will learn how to cook a steak in an hour or less. A few key points from the tutorial include: buying quality meat from your local grocery store/butcher; using garlic salt instead of regular table salt–it adds extra flavor without causing too much moisture loss when grilling; don’t flip until ready-to check if one side is seared enough by poking at it lightly with tongs.

Moreover, nothing in this world is flawless. Similarly, “how to grill a frozen steak” has some merits and demerits as well.

Merits of Grilling a Frozen Steak

The Inside Remains Safe

Most of us know that frozen meat should be thawed before cooking it, according to the recent article by Drs. Emily and Marissa, if you let your steak defrost on its own (in a fridge, for example), then there is more chance of overcooking than letting it sit at room temperature until fully cooked through – something we all do without thinking twice about! One simple solution: place the steak directly onto a preheated grill so both sides get charred evenly while keeping an outer crust from forming too soon, which can lead to an undercooked center.

Low Moisture Loss

The solid ice that forms in the early stages of cooking causes a significant decrease in moisture loss.

Additional Flavor

By cooking the steak longer at lower vitals, you can achieve a deep Maillard crust that is crisp on the outside and tender in the center.

Safe Process

Frozen meat and poultry can be cooked safely. It takes about 50% longer to cook than fully thawed or fresh meats.

Demerits to grilling frozen steak

Needs Some More Time

In general, you will need more time in the heat to reach your preferred doneness as meat is starting from a lower temperature. Frozen meat takes more time as compared to fresh.

The danger of Flare Up

As the steak defrosts, water can drip off onto hot coals. The fats that come with it will burn and create smoke on your grill, enhancing the chances of flaring up.


Following the above guidelines,” how to grill frozen steak,” you will find amazing results. So, from now on you don’t need to worry about the sudden arrival of guests because now you can arrange the surprise BBQ party. And if you are new to the BBQ world and want to get more information about various types and brands of smokers, you can visit smokersgeek to have it. So, after making a purchase, do the practice of grilling a frozen steak and let us know through the comments below.

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