How to Grind Meat at Home: Find the Easiest Ways


It’s almost impossible to go out and have a meal at a restaurant during the Covid-19 pandemic; reduce your dependency on shops. You should know how to grind meat at home if you want to prepare meat dishes yourself.

The article will show multiple ways to grind meat at home and cook the meal you want. You can choose any of those methods and the necessary items to prepare the red meat dishes.

However, get ready to make burgers, meatballs, or sausages at home, and you will find the restaurant’s quality food without going there.

See the Methods to Grind Meat at Home: 4 Optional Procedures

Method 1: Use a Blender to Grind Meat

It may seem challenging, but you can prepare the flesh paste using a blender; you can blend before or after cooking. Follow these steps to blend and grind meat.

  1. Get your meat (beef, chicken, pork, or lamb) and cut them into 1-inch cubic pieces. You can either put the raw meat into a fridge or cook the meat before cooling.
  2. Suppose you didn’t cook the meat and want to process them raw; so, cut the meats into some sections and put them into a tray. Cover the pieces with cellophane paper before putting it into the fridge; decrease the temperature to 40°F, at least.
  3. Check if there’s any bone left or not because you can’t paste meat with bones in a blender. Please don’t overload your blender; you may put the pieces part by part and blend them.
  4. Please don’t run the blender for more than 30 seconds; turn off the blender every 20-30 seconds. Blend each part at least 3-4 times to prepare the ground meat, but it won’t show the accurate results as a grinder.

Method 2: Use a Sharp Knife to Prepare Ground Meat

You can apply this method and have tender ground meat; the system is tricky but easy.

  • Take a sharp knife that can cut red meat fibers; cut at 45° angle from one side, and flip the side. Next, you should cut at the same angle starting from the opposite side; thus, you will have the small pieces.
  • If you want to process the meat with knives, you must choose beef, chicken, or lamb because they are easy to cut.
  • Slice the cubes into more small pieces, but they won’t be paste; you can use a hand mixer to prepare ground meat.
  • Put the paste into a fridge; get that out when you make the steak or meatballs. You can then cook the meat according to your recipe and enjoy the meal; it’s slightly time-consuming.

Method 3: Use a Food Processor to Grind Meat

You can prepare ground meat before cooking a dish at home if you own a food processor. Surprisingly, it has the same mechanism as a blender; so, follow the same steps as the blender grinding.

However, a food processor can also deliver the perfect ground meat as a grinder; so, you can rely upon it.

Method 4: Apply a Meat Grinder for Grinding Meat

  • Take some meat pieces and get them ready to decrease their temperature; gather the grinder parts to put them into the fridge.
  • Please ensure your mixer’s parts are clean and cold; moreover, connect them and check if the machine is working or not.
  • Follow your grinder’s instruction and start grinding your meat for your purposes; you may then cook the dish.

All of the 4-methods are effective for grinding meat at home; you can apply any of these, but the 3rd and 4th methods are more useful. Now, it may be clear to you that how to grind meat at home.

Why Should You Grind Meat at Home Instead of Buying?

There are multiple reasons behind encouraging home-made ground meat more than instant ones from shops; let’s know them.

  1. You can have the taste according to your choice because all restaurants don’t prepare foods within your culture. You can modify the recipes as well; you may show your creativity.
  2. Venison ground meat is healthier than usual red meat; so, you can avoid unhealthy ingredients in home-made meat.
  3. It can be convenient and cost-effective to make ground meat at home than buying from a shop. It’s because the sellers add extra profit with their production charge that increases the food item’s total cost.
  4. If you want to ensure the food’s hygiene, you should always prefer home-made meat and avoid foods from outside.

What Grinders Should I Choose for Meat?

Grinders are the best options for having ground meat; so, you should know about the best ones, especially the perfect meat grinder for deer processing

  1. STX Mega Force Meat Grinder 3000 series
  2. Sunmile SM-G73 Meat Grinder.
  3. ALTRA Stainless Steel Meat Grinder (Electric)
  4. LEM Stainless Steel Big Bite Grinder
  5. Best Choice SKY3042 Meat Grinder (1200W)
  6. TNP Products Meat Grinder (Heavy Duty)

Choose any of these products to prepare your meat for sausage, burger, steak, hamburger, etc.

Some Important Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Meat Grinder and Meat Mincer the Same Thing?

Meat mincer makes the meat soft and tender; it softens the fiber. On the other hand, the meat grinder pastes the meat to prepare patties. Therefore, you can say that the mincer and grinder are not the same.

2. Which Meat Should I Buy to Minimize the Cost?

You should get beef chuck to minimize the cost because they are the cheapest parts, and beef is cheaper than pork, lamb, and other four-legged animals in the USA.


Meat grinding is essential for preparing delicious foods, and that reduces your budget in the diet. Bring a suitable grinder and learn how to grind meat at home; making you self-dependent and even starting a business.

However, the methods are easy, and the equipment is also budget-friendly; so, people with a limited income can also afford it. You must know about the machines and their differences to use the needed one.

You may even don’t need an instruction manual if you read the article, at least to grind the meat. Get the necessary items, and try a new item with ground meat now.