How to Make Baking More Enjoyable

Touching dough and messing around with flour while your mum bakes was thrilling as a kid, and you wanted to learn how to bake more than anything. As an adult, the cleaning and all the work it takes to get your pastries ready can drain the fun out of it.

Even worse, doing something many times often kills the fun and makes it routine. If you wonder how to have fun when doing this tedious task of baking, check out this guide on how to make baking more enjoyable.

1. Play With the Recipe

While recipes ensure that you create the perfect cake, you can play with it to make something different.

Experiment using choice ingredients that you think would taste great in a cake. Use raspberries, bananas, and anything that might taste great when blended. Find more recipes online or on your favorite blogs and try them.

Mix the most interesting tastes and flavors to excite your taste buds. Trade sugar for spice and use flax seeds, and replace white with whole wheat flour.

As you experiment, try healthy natural ingredients that contain healing properties for overall well being.

If you have health problems, we suggest experimenting with natural remedies like lavender, medicinal sage, and cannabis. Learn more here about cannabis terpenes and their uses, especially as food flavoring.

2. Don’t Worry About the Mess

Baking is always messy. Whether with kids or alone, there is a lot of cleaning afterward. No doubt, this isn’t a fun task to look forward to. Preparing for the mess can help you create manageable expectations.

Set everything ready for the cleanup later. Use dishwasher-friendly cooking utensils.

Have in place a cleaning plan for everything, from the countertops to the. You don’t want to start hunting down cleaning rugs that you can’t remember where you left.

3. Embrace Imperfections

Embrace imperfections as they are a part of learning. Allowing yourself to make mistakes and learn from them is crucial.

When trying something new, make room for unexpected results. Sure the whole thing may come out with the taste a bit off, but the result will show you where you went wrong.

Sometimes you miss the mark. It happens. Try not to dwell on it.

4. Bake With Someone

Change things up and bake with family. Baking with someone else can make the whole experience fun. You get to chat and share new ideas to make the recipe even better.

Additionally, sharing the kitchen with someone else can take the loneliness out of baking. Even better if that person can bake as well. You can share tasks, and between the two of you, the process will seem easier.

5. Use Quality Bakeware

The quality of your bakeware affects the whole baking experience. When the bakeware is modern, you have less time preparing your batter and baking.

Thin pans will catch fire and burn your goodies before it starts baking. A faulty thermometer can also make the wrong temperature readings. Make sure that you have a measuring apparatus.

Also, consider glassware and metallic cookware as they are efficient in preparation and baking.

Cute cookie cutters and other equipment you need to decorate your baked goods can also increase the excitement in the kitchen. Decorating brings in the artistic side.

6. Measure Your Ingredients

Baking is all about getting the proportions right, so measure your ingredients. Measuring ensures that you balance the flavors and get everything just right.

If you get the portions wrong, you may not like the outcome. For instance, you may bake a cake too large or too small than you expected to make. It may also not rise if you do not get enough baking powder into the batter.

Weigh ingredients to arrive at the set proportions. A digital scale costs around $20, and it eliminates the guesswork.

7. Enjoy Every Step

There are many steps in baking, and you should enjoy each one of them. Whether it is mixing or decorating, try to enjoy every step of it by doing something you love at the same time.

You could play some of your favorite songs in the background to set the mood. While you dance away, get together everything you need and start baking.

Final Thoughts

The baking routine can get pretty uninteresting. But you can always turn boring into fun with a bit of experimenting each time.

What you need now is to implement the ideas we’ve shared with you, and you’ll get the work done faster than you expected — if not fast, then easier.