How to Make the Most of Tequila

Tequila is one of the most common drinks in the world. There’s no party without a shot or a tequila cocktail. As Sanjaya Malakar once said, “When life gives you lemons, get tequila and salt.” So, why not give this drink a shot?

If you like tequila but are looking for more ways to enjoy it other than drinking it straight, you will be happy to hear that you can use tequila in many different ways. You can make lots of different cocktails with tequila and serve it with many different meals. Now, let’s have a look at the best tequila mixes and how to serve it with meals.

How to Mix Tequila?

With Milk

Ok, so this one’s a bit strange, don’t you think so? Alcohol and milk, is that even possible? Actually, it is. The so-called Leche Mexicana (Mexican Milk) cocktail proves this. In order to make this mouth-dropping combination, you need 1.5 oz. tequila, 2 oz. cocoa cream, and 1 oz. half-and-half to a shaker with ice. You add all ingredients into a shaker and shake.

With Club Soda

Since we already mentioned it, yes, you can combine tequila with club soda. This is a great combination because club soda, unlike seltzer water, has trace minerals that enhance the great taste of the drink. You don’t need to make a cocktail, you can just pour equal parts of tequila and club soda over ice and you can enjoy the drink.

With Agave Syrup

Having in mind that tequila comes from agave, it’s not unexpected to have this mix. What makes this combination so great is that the agave syrup takes a bit of the tequila taste away, at the same time retaining its essence. To enjoy it, you should combine 2 oz. tequila with 0.5 oz. agave syrup, and add other fruit juices, such as orange or lime juice. In this way, you will get the well-known Tequila Old Fashioned Cocktail.

With an Egg

An egg, seriously? Yes, tequila gets along with eggs perfectly. The cocktail is known as Tequila Sherry Flip. In order to make it, you will need 1 oz. tequila, 1 oz. smooth sherry, 1 egg, and a pinch of grated nutmeg. You add the tequila, sherry, and egg in a shaker filled with ice and shake well. Then, pour the mixture in a glass and garnish it with grated nutmeg.

With Fruit Juices

You can mix tequila with many fruit juices. Namely, you can mix it with grapefruit juice by combining 2 parts tequila and 3 parts of grapefruit juice. You can also add a seltzer of club soda and a slice of lime to enhance the flavour.

You can also mix it with orange juice and lemonade. In order to combine it with orange juice, you need 2 oz. tequila and a tall glass of orange juice. And, if you want to combine it with lemonade, you should mix one part tequila and three parts lemonade, and add salt (optional). But, you can mix it in a different ratio, depending on your taste.

Apart from these ingredients, you can combine tequila with tomato juice, Ginger beer, tonic water, and vermouth. Regardless of how you combine tequila, you will always get an amazing cocktail which you will enjoy with your lunch, dinner or something in between. Speaking of meals, here are some tips on how to combine tequila with food.

How to Make the Most of Tequila 2

How to Pair Tequila with Food?

Gold Tequila With Tacos

Of course, you should serve tequila with tacos since they both come from Mexico. Actually, it’s best to serve gold tequila because of its sugars which match perfectly with strong and spicy food such as tacos. Combining tequila with tacos will ensure you don’t get drunk nor have painful handover the next morning due to the tacos’ strength.

Silver Tequila With Fish and Other Foods

Silver tequila goes well with raw fish and vegetables due to both having a light taste. In that way, tequila will give your meal a clean accent that is just enough to take your enjoyment to the next level. You can also combine it with meals that are made with fresh herbs, such as Indian food, salads, and eastern grills.

Tequila Reposado

This aged tequila is best paired with meats, such as pork and steak. This is because the specific flavour of this tequila emphasizes the flavour of any barbeque. You can also combine it with some vegetables, such as corn.

Tequila Anejo

This aged tequila will show you what tequila can be due to its rich amber colour and smooth, yet complex taste. You can combine it with steak and other red meats due to its rich and deep flavour. You can also combine it with desserts, such as chocolate and all made with citrus.