How to Roast Peanuts in a Pan?

Roasted peanuts make an extraordinary evening snack for people of all ages.

I get the flashbacks of having been treated with a lavish tea get-together back at my grandparents’ place in my childhood where roasted peanuts used to be a must-have on the table.

Since then, I was intrigued with this total process of roasting peanuts and it was fun watching it.

To be honest, it is more fun doing it than simply watching it, speaking of experience.

And to this day, I have been following this ritual of roasting loads of peanuts every season and storing them to enjoy off and on.

I would be more than happy to teach you all this little practice that I thank my grandma for.

How to Roast Peanuts Perfectly in a pan! A detailed answer.

This is quite a simple and traditional approach of toasting or roasting the absolute favorite dry fruit, peanuts. I like to do it this way because this is how my grandma did all her life. We all can confirm the great taste of food made or cooked by our parents and their parents, so here is a little treat.


Raw peanuts 2-3 cups

Salt 1 tablespoon (or according to taste)


  • Take 2 or 3 cups of raw peanuts, shelled peanuts with redskin on or without it, it’s your choice.
  • Wash the raw peanuts, just put the bowl under a running tap and have a gentle mix with your hand so that any kind of dirt is washed out. Also, the wet peanuts when roasted turn out to be incredibly crispier.
  • Drain the water generously and leave the peanuts to rest in a straining bowl for 5 minutes so that it sifts away any leftover water too.
  • Put your pan on the stovetop over low heat and let it catch the warmth.
  • Now add your peanuts to the pan and also add the salt.
  • Stir it well to mix the salt among peanuts. Alternatively, instead of adding the salt directly, you can also mix it in a cup of water first and then add that water to the peanuts. The results in both ways are somewhat the same.
  • Maintain the low flame and keep tossing the peanuts with a light spatula to avoid them sticking to the bottom of the pan. For this task, use the right pan that can work effectively on the stovetop.

If you are on a hunt for the best pans with excellent heat retention and smooth surface that does not entertain unwanted sticking, have a look on a great guide by Kitcheniest.

  • Keep tossing the nuts and don’t leave them alone even for a second. The heat should not exceed even an inch above the low.
  • The roasting should last between 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Once you observe a light brown color of bare peanuts (without redskin) and dark maroon color of redskin peanuts, they are perfectly roasted. Moreover, the beautiful and fresh toasty smell in your kitchen would also approve of the success of the process.
  • Remove the pan from the stove instantly and leave the peanuts to adjust to room temperature.
  • Later, store them in an airtight glass container for a prolonged delight for yourself or guests.

Note: Few things in this procedure are optional and can be altered as per your likes and dislikes.

For instance, I like my peanuts with the redskin on because after roasting, when they get a shade darker, that beauty is inexplicable. However, the food experts also comment on the great nutritional value of the redskin on peanuts.

Likewise, for 2 to 3 cups of peanuts, the salt should be between a tablespoon or two. I think 1 tablespoon is enough for me so I would go with it. You can add according to your preferred taste and need.


Roasted peanuts are also called parched peanuts but honestly, what to care about the names when they can be enjoyed only by putting a handful of them in your mouth and munching on them with your favourite show or people.