How to use a toaster safely?

A toaster is one of the easiest tools which makes your breakfast delicious within a few moments. A toaster is usually used for making the bread crispy, but depending on the toaster, you can use it for other cooking purposes too. If you properly use a toaster, it can last for years. In this article, we are explaining the process of using a toaster safely.

Types of toasters

Pop-up toaster: Pop-up toasters are the most popular ones out there. You can use them for warming cakes, baking slices of potatoes, bagels, waffles, etc.

Single-slot toaster: Single-slot toasters are just like pop-up toasters but you can only put one slice at a time. You can check out this study by GotAbout kitchen guide to find more about single slot toasters.

Toaster oven: Toaster ovens are much more versatile than pop-up ones. Depending on the size, you’ll be able to bake different dishes, defrost frozen items and even cook delicious meals.

Convection toaster oven: Convection ovens are for multiple purposes. These toasters allow to bake, cook, defrost and reheat leftover food items.

Conveyer toaster: These toasters are usually used in hotels and restaurants as they can toast around a thousand bread slices in 60 minutes.

How to use a toaster safely?

Step 1: Insert the bread slice

Whichever oven you are using, before starting make sure that the cables are working properly. Now take your bread slice and put it inside the toaster. If you’re using a pop-up toaster then put it inside the slot. You can put the bread in whichever direction you like. Besides bread, you can warm bagels and other baked items too. Make sure you read the instruction manual before experimenting.

Step 2: Choose the level of toasting 

Toasting a piece of bread is extremely easy but this step is quite important. If you’re being inattentive at this step, you might end up burning your slice of bread. Now, selecting the toasting level entirely depends on your preference. If you like your bread warm but not that crunchy, you would keep the dial in 1. If you like it super crunchy and dark brown then go for the highest number. If you’re using the toaster for the first time, you should always opt for the middle number and see how the slice comes out. For example, if the toaster has 5 dials and you like you’re bread dark and crunchy, go for the second or the third dial. You can always toast it twice.

A lot of the toaster has built-in settings which make the job easier. Some of them come with different options depending on what you’re going to toast. Make sure you check them out carefully.

Choosing toasting level

If you’ve bought the toaster for the first time, then here are some tips to master this crucial step.

  • Go for the lowest number because once the bread is burnt there’s no going back. So, for instance, if you’re toaster has 5 dials, go for 2 or 3. See how the slice comes out, if it’s too light for you then you can re-toast it.
  • If you’re toasting the bread for anyone else then ask about their preference. If they like the slice to be light then put it on the lower setting. If they like it to be brown and crunchy then put it on a higher setting.
  • Even if you like your bread super dark and crunchy and you’ve put it one the highest setting, make sure that you’re standing while toasting it. If you’re smelling a burning smell then immediately push the lever to pop out the slice.

Step 3: Check the timing

It usually takes one to two minutes to toast a slice of bread. If you have a new toaster or if you’re using a toaster for the first time, make sure that you’re checking the time. If you’re using a pop-up or a single slot toaster, the slice will pop once it is done. But you should always pay full attention while using a toaster because once the slice begins to burn, it doesn’t pop up. Then you’ll have to take the bread out of the toaster.

Step 4: Take out the slice

If you’re using a pop-up toaster then the slice will automatically come out once it’s done. For a toaster oven, you’ll have to take it out manually when you hear a sound. Whichever toaster you are using, take out the bread slice with the help of a tong.

Step 5: Clean the toaster

You need to clean the toaster once in a while. Usually, the instruction manual shows the methods of cleaning the toaster but you can use a brush to clean up.

Bottom Line

Even though a toaster is very easy to use, it can get complicated for a new user. It usually takes a few times to get the perfect toast. Once you’ve found out the perfect toasting level and the timing, toasting bread will become a piece of cake for you. We hope this safety guide on the use of a toaster helps you to a great extent.