kitchen photography ideas


When photography is your profession, or you love to make fantastic photography, it is unnecessary to go outside. Your kitchen can be a part of making fabulous photography. Never forget the idea that the kitchen & bathrooms are a significant part of a house. To the real estate photographer, it will be a great matter to sell the house.

Of course, a skilled photographer can highlight the most wanted parts of a house by his capture & shutter speed. Not only standing with a camera & pressing the shutter button but also realizing the right angle, moments & reacting to get a good capture. When you want to create an album of kitchen photography, you need to follow some special tips to make every capture more attractive to the viewers than a traditional photograph.

Best kitchen photography ideas

Though photography is a creative profession, the photographer needs to be more crazy & creative to get a masterpiece. Your cabinet or sink or food items can be the source of incredible kitchen photography. Here is a quick learning guideline to make your kitchen photography top on the notch.

Use Shelf Space

Some kitchens lend themselves to good usage of shelf space. You can use this space to showcase picture frames full of memories that mean something to you. It’ll add a lot of personality to your kitchen and make your time spent there more worthwhile. If you’ve got a larger kitchen you could even fill your shelves with photo albums stuffed full of your favourite pictures. Then, whenever you’re waiting for something to cook or if you just want a break you can pull them down and flick through them. They’re also a great conversation piece for when you’re entertaining guests.

Fresh Produce

When we get some fresh vegetables or fruits at hand, you can see a glazy type color which may Pale down after some time. With some fresh vegetables & fruits with different lovely shapes, you can create a specific look. On another occasion, we make so many fruits or vegetable designs to decorate the dishes.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive picture, you can take photos of pumpkins or pineapple in different shape decorative pictures. To produce colorful photography, you can take pictures of colorful fruits like strawberries, apples, or others on a neutral background. The lighting focus should be unbiased also to take a simple photo. To produce more complex pictures, you can make the afternoon with soothing light or different color sufficient light.

Food preparing

To a professional photographer, the test of a dish doesn’t matter. He would like to make the photo incredible. So the cooking test or the final word has no relation with excellent cooking photography. If the cook wants to chase the cooking skills step by step, the photographer can take a group of photos one by one. All you need to take fantastic food is preparing photographs like mild & cereal or other food grain to cook a recipe. Now line up the ingredients before taking a shot. Follow the way you are going to cook these ingredients. Explore your creative idea to make a different look.

The sink

Inside the kitchen area, the sink is one of the important places. When you have an exciting sink with an excellent background or a faucet, it can be a source of an exciting photo shoot. You can take a different angle faucet photo or inner side photo of the pressure ball. A picture with distilled water or the droplet of water or the running water. People like to wash dishes with a bound of water from the sink. If it is in front of a window & the light is directly falling on the bounds of water, it can be perfect timing for a shoot.

Write with food

First, you should think about the fruits with amazing shapes like round shapes, rectangles or triangles. Slice the fruits thinly to create different word art. Make sure you have a solid surface or a plain colored background while taking photos. Try to create a unique angle to write with those fruit slides. Do not make the writing more complex or rushing. But try to avoid all standard generic terms like “tasty” or “delicious” as your fruit word art. Let it be a different and short fantastic term.

Select perfect gear – Generally kitchen photography is essential for real estate. Generally house inside has less light so camera aperture should be higher. Because larger apertures can take perfect pictures in low light. Also you require a full frame camera. You can choose f1.5-2.5 aperture lens to get an ideal real estate photo. If you will do basic photo retouching on this image it will looks more better.

Create a story with food & teddy

A picture can express a thousand words without speaking. To make it happen, you can use a dramatic theme like set a doll in front of some dishes. Keep the hands of the doll-like it is cooking these recipes. Decorate the background like a tiny cooking space adjustable with the doll.

Cutlery photoshoot

It’s a great idea to make a theme or figure with a different standing mood of cutlery set. Suppose you are taking a pair of cutlery with a teaspoon. Now create a cross with that cutlery. Place the teaspoon in the middle & place it in front of glassy reflecting glass. Make a solid borderline & keep the cutleries more than the lower half inside the border area. Now click your shutter from the front side of the cutleries. That will look like someone is peeking towards you.

Final Thought

Photography is always a game of lighting. Try to create a mysterious look by using different lighting shade or darkness. Weird things can be the source of different attractions also. But when you are doing this kitchen photography to promote the house sale, make sure they are looking more attractive. Capture something new to make sense of all the themes.