Let Italian Spices Do Wonder with Your Dishes

Your recipes are incomplete without fresh herbs and spices. One can say that the spices are the heart of the Italian cuisine, and it does not depend whether it’s about your favorite pasta or pizza recipe; they are incomplete without their signature spices and herbs. You can buy Italian spices online as they are the hallmark of the Italian dishes.

If we talk about the aromatic herbs of Italy, then they are naturally grown around the countryside; however, one cannot go to Italy for gathering Italian spices. That’s where online grocery stores come useful as they have the stock full of fresh spices, and you can even buy sea salt online and begin your kitchen endeavor.

There are various types of Italian spices which you can use in your dishes. However, to help you out in selecting the right spices, you can go through this blog where you can understand which Italian spices are perfect for your dish.


When talking about the Italian cuisine, this herb tops the chart and the fresh and bright flavor of basil can be used for basil pesto and many other dishes. You can use basil along with tomato, balsamic vinegar and cheese to make Caprese salad that is healthy.

Basil can be used in the fresh as well as dried form in your dishes. However, you can add fresh basil in your dish after cooking, whereas dry basil is used for flavoring the dishes like sauces and soups. Since this herb has antibacterial properties, so adding this in your dishes will be beneficial for your health.

Buy spices online to make your recipes more mouthwatering; even you can buy basil herbs online also. Oil-based basil sauce also called pesto is tossed over the cooked pasta just before serving it to make it look yummier. In short, basil leaves are the herb that can brighten every recipe.


This herb can easily grow in your house and can be used fresh while cooking. However, when talked about traditional Italian cooking, rosemary was used while roasting meat and can be used for adding a floral and peppery flavor to your food.

The fresh rosemary has a potent flavor and fragrance and is very common in Italian cooking while preparing vegetables like roasted mushroom and potatoes. This herb will not lose its flavor even after prolonged cooking.


This Italian spice is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits where it helps in the digestion. You can use sage to make the pasta dishes like ravioli, risotto and gnocchi tastier as the warm fragrance of this herb will brighten the dishes.

While you buy spices online, you need to make sure that they are fresh and of good qualities. Fresh sage is better than dried sage and being from the member of the mint family; this herb has a high aroma. The leaves of sage have bitter and lemony fragrance and can be used to add a pleasant aroma to the grilled food.


It is also called as Prezzemolo and is the most common herbs which are used in Italian cooking. Your pasta or any soup or sauce recipe is incomplete without adding parsley in it. This herb comes in two varieties flat-leaf and the curly-leaf.

The flat-leaf parsley has more robust taste while flavoring the dishes; however, you can use curly leaf parsley for garnishing and fine chopping. This herb has lots of minerals and vitamins and is used for complementing spicy elements in the dish.

Bay Leaves

You can use the dried bay leaves for flavoring the soups, stews, pickled vegetables and braised meats. These leaves can add spicy flavor to your dishes; however, you don’t actually eat the bay leaf. They are just used to add flavor and to decorate your dish.


You can use this herb when they are dried as then only the pungent and spicy flavor comes out. Dried oregano is primarily used in the Sicilian and Italian dishes and even in the pasta dishes. This herb is added mostly at the end because it will lose its flavor quickly

Buy Italian spices online and then let your dishes taste like heaven.