Mistakes to Avoid While You Make Sushi Yourself at Home

Sushi is one of the most delicious and popular Japanese dishes loved by one and all. But, to make mouth-watering sushi, one needs to master the art of sushi preparation because even the slightest mistake can create a big mess.

Ranging from getting a sushi cooker to preparing rice, you need to take into account all the necessary aspects to prepare the best sushi.

Buying the best rice cookers from https://www.sushi-planet.com/best-zojirushi-rice-cookers/is not enough; preparing sushi in the right way is required to relish sushi cravings. Many commit mistakes while making sushi and end up spoiling the broth.

But what are the things you need to avoid? How can you give a teat to your taste buds with the best sushi?

Here is a quick checklist of mistakes that you should avoid while making sushi at home:

Usage of wrong variety of rice

Rice forms the heart of the art of making sushi, and thus, it is mandatory to pick quality rice for making sushi at home. Sushi cannot be prepared using the regular rice available in your pantry for daily purposes.

There is a specific type of Japanese rice used for preparing sushi. It is usually white polished rice with short and medium grains; you need to use the same for sushi preparation and not just any random rice brand.

Failure to rinse the rice properly

You cannot simply rush with the rinsing part of rice. Just like any other regular rice brand, you also need to rinse sushi rice at least four to five times to get it clean and free of any dirt that sticks to it.

Also, rinsing the rice a few times will prevent the rice from becoming sticky. Moreover, a few experts also suggest resting the rice for about sixty minutes in a colander after the rinsing process. Such a ritual aid in getting firm and fresh sushi.

Using the wrong fish

Just like sushi rice, you also need to be particular about the fish you pick on for preparing sushi. Do not pick on any fish that you come across in the grocery store. The fish that is used in sushi is usually not cooked and eaten in a raw format.

Thus there are chances that the fish may have bacteria on it that does not get killed and may further cause issues in your stomach. Hence, always pick on sushi-grade fish for sushi preparation as these fishes are safe to be consumed in a raw format.

Rice overloading

Another mistake to avoid is filling your rice cookers up to the brim with rice. Do not simply overload the rice cooker. Instead, take a generous quantity to dish well-rolled sushi.

Combining wasabi in soy sauce

This is another sushi mistake the people make. Never mix soy sauce and wasabi despite the convenience it offers. Such an amalgamation of the two may make the sushi dish lose its flavor because the tangy wasabi taste may become dull when combined with soy sauce.


Sushi preparation may sound simple but may end up in a mess if you do not prepare in the right way. But with this checklist in hand, we are sure that you will save yourself from committing such mistakes that result in sushi blunders and nightmares.