Six Mistakes In Cooking Fried Chicken That Must Be Avoided At All Costs

There are different fried chicken recipes all over the world. Each recipe comes unique to satisfy specific tastes and preferences. As such, the fried chicken has evolved to having limitless flavors with distinct characteristics. It comes as no surprise that the fried chicken has easily become one of the world’s most loved dishes.

The entire process of making fried chicken is considered intricate and delicate. This is pretty much how Big Mumma’s Fried Chicken in Footscray make their fried chicken burgers. Important steps and techniques should not be skipped. Otherwise, the fried chicken attempt may turn out to be disappointing, even disastrous.

However, it should not deter you from cooking the fried chicken. It only takes a lot of patience, dedication, and perseverance. Like in any other life aspect, everything gets better with practice. In the process, you will encounter a lot of errors, which in turn paves the way for an improved fried chicken version. So go ahead. Keep on trying. Soon, you will have a fried chicken dish to be proud of!

Now, to further help you achieve your goal to have the best fried chicken, here are SIX mistakes to avoid at all costs

Immediately frying cold chicken (one that came straight from the fridge)

The chicken needs to get to room temperature first before anything else. As it reaches room temperature, you can start breading and frying it. Immediately deep-frying the cold chicken pieces significantly drops the oil temperature. As a result, the chicken pieces may be cooked unevenly.

Forgetting about the brining process

While the brining process is optional, it remains highly recommended by many. Brining the pieces of chicken in buttermilk for at least four hours almost guarantees moist and tender meat. It is even better to leave the chicken brining overnight before frying takes place.

Use of tasty but low smoke point oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is widely used as a salad dressing because of its robust and tangy flavor. It then makes sense to use it for fried chicken, right? Wrong. As tasty as it is, extra-virgin olive oil is better used as a salad dressing or for light frying. Fried chicken subjects the oil to high temperatures for a longer period. Flavorful and low smoke point oil like extra-virgin olive oil burns faster. Using it for the fried chicken recipe will just make everything taste bitter and burnt.

Frying the chicken with the incorrect temperature

This means it is a good idea to invest in an oil thermometer. While it is tempting to just eyeball the oil’s temperature before frying the chicken, know that doing this may result in disaster. No one wants a burnt exterior with raw meat inside. This is most likely to happen if the incorrect oil temperature is used. The oil must be very hot – 360 degrees hot (that is). Big Mumma’s Fried Chicken in Footscray fries their fried chicken burgers at the right temperature so it always comes out crisp and delectable.

Overcrowding the pan

Remember to fry the chicken pieces in batches. Depending on the size of your pan, three to four pieces at a time is advisable. This ensures that all chicken pieces are cooked evenly. All pieces get the right heat enough to cook it thoroughly. It also makes it a lot easier to turn the chicken to its different sides.

Not covering the pan as the chicken cooks

Covering the pan traps the heat. As such, it renders the fat and water from the chicken for a crispier, tastier, and more delectable crust. Think of it this way, covering the pan distributes the heat evenly throughout the chicken. It somehow works the same way an oven does. It ensures that all sides of the chicken get equal amounts of heat as opposed to leaving it uncovered.