Step by Step DIY Smoker Ideas to build own Smoker

It is an excellent project for a pitmaster to build your smoker who enjoys DIY and wants the satisfaction of knowing they do not cook only food; they made smokers! First, what you need to do before you get to work is to determine what kind of smoker you plan to build. Here are several types of homemade smokers. We have included the tools you need to make a DIY smoker and where you can find step-by-step guidelines in the building process. The Smoker did not change for thousands of years, but today there are commercially and many styles of smokers available and many options for your own smoker building. Scroll down to read more.

1. Drum Smoker

The drum smoker is easy to build. The plan here is to create a 55-gallon food grade drum in a smoker in at least a few hours with minimal work and without any welding.

All you have to do is to find the source of your drum. You can take a brand new 55-gallon drum for about 150 dollars and use one for approximately 30 dollars. When you buy your drum, make sure that it was not treated with an epoxy coating for rust resistance. Epoxy will not be a good response to heating, and the last thing you want will smoke your meat in toxic smoke.

Once you’ve got your drum, you have to reduce it and then make the insides buff with fine sandpaper. The rest of the building process is simple. You need to create four air intakes, a fire basket from metal and a handle to the cover.

Some basic items you need

  • 55-gallon food grade drum.
  • 4 x 24 inch long and ¾ inch stringed pipe.
  • Elbow joint ¾ inch.
  • Metal mesh piece 12 x 48 inch.
  • Fine sandpaper.
  • For more details, click on the link My Grill World.

2. Flowerpot Smoker

If you have a sudden appetite for smoker meats do not panic. You only visit once in your local garden centre where there is a pair of clay flower pots! If you find it, take it. You can convert a flower pot into a smoker. Yes, it is possible. The first thing you need to do is drill airflow holes among your soil planting. Carefully do it so that the pot does not break. To control the airflow in your container, take some wine cock so that they fit in the air hole. Your soil pot is going to work as a charcoal holder. Put a brick at the bottom of the pot and place a small BBQ grate on top of the brick to keep coal.

Your top pot will hold smoking. Both pots are going to get quite hot, so the bottom of the two holes are drilling the handle with a simple approach to fit the top pot with the handle and a standard U-bolt installed.

Once drilling and cork is shaving, you are ready to go. If you access a roll of BBQ Gasket tape you can use it to make a good seal in the pots, but if you do not, it’s not the end of the world.

Some basic items you need

  • Clay flower pots (two).
  • U bolt.
  • BBQ Gasket
  • Wine corks.
  • Small BBQ grate.
  • Drill machine.

3. Gas tank Smoker

This build is a fair bit complicated, but if you have expertise and equipment, then it must be a budget way for offset smokers. The old gas tank on the question forms the cooking chamber of offset smokers and adds DIY art frames and Firefox. Frame, steel plate frame, steel plate must create a steel tube to create fireboxes and make chimneys. Make sure that there are some reasonably complex metallic tasks needed to fit all parts together and there is no leak and the airflow counts smoke in the kitchen chamber.

Some Basic items you need

  • Old gas tank
  • Steel pipe
  • Steel box
  • Welding machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Lathe


Above, this article gives you some informative ideas about the DIY smoker. I hope it will be helpful for you. Try to build one of them.