Struggles Only Those People Who Love to Cook Will Understand

Not everyone enjoys cooking. To some people, it is seen as a laborious task that takes a lot of time. They’d rather order takeout than to research on a new recipe. The reasons why you can’t cook can be many but sometimes it is just an excuse. If you love to cook, there are some occasions where you might start questioning the hobby. There are some struggles that only a person that loves to cook will understand and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Not Using the Cookbooks

You might own a couple of cookbooks but you never get to use them when preparing food. This is because you might be so used to preparing some specific meals and that is why you never see the need for cookbooks. This shouldn’t be the case for someone that loves to cook. Not only should you be using the cookbooks but you can also check out the full recipe from Corrie Cooks if you’re looking to try something new. You could also be avoiding the recipes because there are just too many steps and you just want to get over and done with the cooking.

Recreating a Meal

There are some meals that you eat at a restaurant and you just wish that you can recreate them. Even if you can guess the ingredients, it might not be possible to come with something as good as what you get in the restaurant. As much as it is painful, there is nothing you can do about it. Unless you talk with the chef in charge to share the recipe which could be seen to be a lot of trouble.

Watching Cook Shows

It can be frustrating to watch cooking shows knowing that you can never afford all the appliances or ingredients. The best you can do is to marvel at the result. You can’t even put the effort of trying out the easy recipes because you’re too intimidated because of the show.

Ruining Pots

There are situations that will be unavoidable if you’re an avid cook. There are pots that you will find yourself using regularly. When they get burnt, you will have to scrub the pots. It will only be a matter of time before they get ruined and you start budgeting for new ones.

The anxiety of Trying out a New Recipe

When you’re trying out a new dish, you’re never sure if it will turn out exactly as you’d hoped for. You will get all the ingredients and follow all the instructions to the latter. You might end destroying meals that are so easy to recreate just because you want to be perfect. If you’re just starting out, it is recommended that you go with easy meals. Those that will not take much of your time and concentration. Once you master the easy ones, you will get the courage to go for complicated recipes.

Eating Bad Food

For a person that loves to cook and try different foods, your taste buds will always be on high alert. You might find it hard to finish a meal when the cooking is to up to your expectations. Not a lot of people will be keen and some can find you annoying to point out the flaws with their favorite meal. The good thing about loving to cook is that you can prepare your own meals. You don’t have to go to restaurants that you feel will be disappointing with their food.

Looking at Someone Eat Your Food

It is always an anxious moment when you see someone take the first bite of your food. You’re never sure of what is going through their mind and how they’ll perceive your cooking. If you’ve been doing it for a long time, you’ll be able to tell from the body language if the person likes your food.

Not Being Able to Eat Your Own Food

This is something to happen to some people. They’ll have to wait until everyone else has eaten before they can think about filling their plates. There are also those people who can’t wait to eat their own food when they’re done with cooking.


Regardless of the struggles that come with cooking, it can be therapeutic on so many levels. It gets better every time you cook and you can never get tired of satisfaction that is derived from the process. This is perhaps one of the reasons why you should seriously consider starting to cook.