The Best Food Bloggers from Around the World – 2021

Our interest in food is an evergreen topic – it will never not be at the forefront of our passions. One thing the internet dramatically changed was the way we can more easily connect with other cultures around the world. Food blogs have been a great way to do this, because it gives a chance for authors and cooks to describe in detail recipes and cultures, alongside pictures and instructions.

Below are some of the best food bloggers from around the world, covering the different varieties of traditions and localised cuisine. 

Jo Cooks – Canadian

To kick off with, Jo Cooks is among the very best Canadian food bloggers. Real name Joanna Cismaru, Jo is a self-taught foodie with a burning passion for both blogging and food. Jo doesn’t only focus on Canadian recipes, though she definitely does cover some unique ones that many outsiders will not know of, but also has a great range combining old with new recipes.

Because Jo doesn’t come from a chef background, her recipes are very well explained and accessible. They include step-by-step photo tutorials, detailed instructions, and even videos. This is a great all-round blog that covers just about everything.

Betty Liu – American

Betty Liu has an incredibly appealing food blog. Due to her background in food and wedding photography, Betty’s blog has an incredible aesthetic that will make your stomach rumble. The Californian blogger has a lot of influence from the west coast of America, which is reflected in her recipes, but she also places a lot of emphasis on her Chinese heritage – particularly Shanghai dishes taught to her by her mother. 

This blend of American and Asian cuisine brings to life incredible combinations and flavours, along with an eye-pleasing reading experience.

Livia’s Kitchen – British

Livia, who runs Livia’s Kitchen blog, was studying for her second masters when she was diagnosed with intolerances to both dairy and wheat. However, her sweet tooth wasn’t going away anytime soon, so she began on a journey in finding delicious dessert recipes that use free-from ingredients. 

Livia’s blog became so popular and useful that she has her own product range, selling biscuits, chocolates, million squares, and many other snacks that have no wheat or dairy in them. This blog is perfect for those with intolerances or subscribe to a vegan lifestyle, with almost all of the recipes being sweet snacks or baking.

David Lebovitz – French

David Lebovitz is an incredible blog for two key reasons – he’s a world-renowned chef, and he is French. Okay, the first is perhaps more important, but we need a French blogger on this list considering the vast influence they have had on cuisine around the world – perhaps second only to Italy.  

Who better to introduce readers into the complex and rich history of French food than a world-class chef? David isn’t only a great chef though, as he knows how to convey his recipes in an easy-to-follow way for everyday readers. David has a great sense of humor along with a ton of experience, making him a popular blog all around the world.

Italyum – Italy 

The Italyum blog is run by Federico Pezzailoli, an Italian man living in Scotland. The blog has grown to be very influential, with recipes ranging from Italian pizzas and seafood to deserts and baking. Some people enjoy reading a 4,000 word blog post about a recipe – other’s do not. This blog is for people who are looking to get straight to business and view the recipe. 

Federico introduces the recipes in a concise manner, but has the ingredients near the top of the page – which is welcoming and rare. The recipes are authentic due to Federico’s background, being brought up in Italy. The website doesn’t spend much time on having incredible aesthetics, photographs, and long descriptions – but it conveys fantastic recipes in a concise manner.

Vicky Pham – Vietnamese 

Vicky Pham was a busy mother of two before she quit her job in 2014 and started her blog. The blog was a way for her to express and share her passion for Vietnamese food. Today, Vicky has one of the most comprehensive and most-read Vietnamese food blogs on the internet. There are many recipes which are easily divided into ingredient categories.

Vietnam has some of the tastiest and often overlooked food in the world. Vicky convey’s the authentic recipes in very clear instructions and even accompanies the recipes with a Youtube video and many photographs.

Just One Cookbook – Japanese

Just One Cookbook is a very famous blog created in 2011 by Namiko Hirasawa Chen. Nami created the blog to share the rich and delicious cuisine of Japan, a culture that many westerners are fascinated by. In fact, Nami knows this, which is why some of the posts take a deeper dive into the travel and culture of Japan more generally.

The site is so comprehensive that there are endless categories to choose from: kid-friendly, curry, meal prep, sushi, under 30 minutes, salad, beverage, and many, many more. The posts give an in-depth background to the ingredients and dish, and the instructions can be altered from metric to US – as well as serving size. Plus, the pictures can be toggled on or off.

Edible Garden – Indian

Edible Garden – website titled ‘Cooking and Me’ –  is a creation by Nag, who was born in Nagercoil and grew up in Kerala. Nag is an expert on Indian dishes, combining both classic recipes with quick bite innovative recipes. Not only are there Kerala recipes with a dedicated page, but also Indo-Chinese, which combine two wonderful cultures and flavours of food. Nag uses pictures and recipe descriptions, but they’re very concise and kept short. Instructions are easy to follow and there is even a whole category dedicated to chocolate recipes, such as vegan chocolate avocado eggless cupcakes – something very contemporary. 

Malaysian Foodie – Malaysian

Malaysian Foodie is now over 13 years old as a blog, being a veteran and pioneer for Malaysian food blogging. Whilst the website has completely expanded into travel and hotel content – even venturing outside of Malaysia – the Malaysian food recipes remain at the core of the website. Of course, Malaysian food is a myriad of Arab, Indian, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine, making it incredibly colourful and versatile. 

Malaysian food is never boring, and there’s no better site to convey that than Malaysian Foodie. Recipe posts are kept very, very short and concise with zero fat. There are around 13 pages of recipes currently.

Pick Up The Fork – Argentinian

Pick Up The Fork is a food blog centered around Buenos Aires’ cuisine. Not only are there tons of Argentinian recipes with fantastic instructions and incredible pictures, but there are other aspects to the website as well, such as guides to local Buenos Aires restaurants, and food tours. 

This helps paint a holistic picture of the food culture in this part of the world, whether you’re there or not you can gain a lot of useful information from this blog. There is also a high quality series going into different establishments around Buenos Aires, filmed and edited to a very high standard.

Final Word

There is no best food blog, but there are many, many incredible resources online from around the world. It’s generally best to head to a food blog that specialises in one type of cuisine, because the author is more likely to have an authentic and deep understanding about the culture – and likely from experience and childhood, too.

There are many other fantastic cuisines too, such as Spanish, Caribbean, Nigerian, and Thai to name a few. There will almost certainly be a food blog dedicated to it – and this is likely the best place to head to when searching for authentic recipes from that local culture.