The Best Irish Whiskey Brands

I get why you are reading this article right now. Choosing the best Irish whiskey brand was MUCH harder than I thought!

Aside from the fact that all the Irish whiskey brands taste great and come packaged in nice fancy bottles. Reviewing these whiskeys required a man with a strong stomach to hold his liquor. Luckily, I am such a man.

Instead of researching online and just churning out stuff you already know, I hit the pub myself and tried out these AMAZING Irish whiskeys.

This Irish whiskey review would ensure your choice gives you the most satisfaction for your money spent, and every drop would be mind-blowing.

Let’s get right into it!

The Connemara 12

Look no further than the Connemara 12 if you are looking to buy an Irish whiskey that stands out. While other brands are triple distilled, the Connemara is double distilled. The effect is that you have a peated scotch in your glass instead of the smooth Irish whiskey stereotype. This gives the whiskey a nice smoked fruit tone on the palate and makes it the best whiskey to drink straight.


The Jameson brand is the Michael Jackson of Irish whiskeys. Walk into any bar, anywhere in the world, and chances are you would find Jameson’s signature green bottle staring right at you. Jameson whiskeys are aged for at least four years, and they have the right blend of vanilla, nuts, and spices. This whiskey is not just available; it is very much reliable. This makes it the best Irish whiskey for beginners.

Redbreast 15 year Irish Whiskey

Take your phone out and do a little poll. Ask a couple of your friends that know their liquor for their favorite Irish whiskey. Odds are they say Redbreast. It costs more than your average dram (glass of whisky). It offers a unique taste with its combination of spicy and creamy notes. The Redbreast is not your everyday whiskey; its top drawer quality is perfect for special occasions.

Tullamore D.E.W Original Irish Whiskey

Are all the other options on this list too pricey for you? Try out the Tullamore D.E.W whisky. It is your easy fix, everyday whisky that is pocket-friendly. This whiskey is not spectacular, and that’s okay; sometimes, you need something smooth and chill. And that is what the Tullamore whiskey offers you.

Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

The Teeling Small batch whiskey is a barrage of tasty tropical fruit tones. Its invigorating woody and spicy finish give drinkers a novel experience. This whiskey -straight out of Dublin- offers a unique Teeling character from its malt and grain whiskeys aged in bourbon barrels and finished for an additional six months in former rum casks. The mid-range price makes this bottle an absolute STEAL!

The Irishman Single Malt

I don’t know about you, but this is the smoothest Irish whiskey for me. This single malt whiskey is an affordable mid-range bottle with a top-rated pedigree. The Irishman single malt whiskey is a perfect blend of almonds, vanilla, and other delicious fruits in every sip.

Where does this leave you?

One thing is for sure; you have many options to consider. If it’s for a hangout with friends or you want to buy for a special occasion, there is an Irish whiskey with your name on it. Cheap whiskey, or expensive whiskey, we have got you covered!

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