Vitamix 7500 blender a essential kitchen appliance

If you are a food freak person then for your kitchen Vitamix 7500 would be the best choice. Vitamix blenders are usually undeniably the powerful blenders in the blending technology. Vitamix provides the best blending power, it can blend anything you throw in it. In this guide, I have reviewed Vitamix e320 vs 7500 and this guide will tell you everything about this powerful blender. Continue reading the whole guide and make your decision today!

Vitamix 7500 customers are highly satisfied by using this blender. It provides the best features, below are the details of them. Before jump into the features discussion, first, see these features at a glance and also you can see this blender for indian spices for more experience.

Vitamix 7500 features at a glance.

●    Motor – 2.2-peak HP

●    Speed setting – 10-variable speed

●    Pulse feature – Yes

●    Container – Low profile 64-oz container

●    Cookbook – Yes

●    Color – Three colors are available

●    Cleaning – It has self-cleaning properties

●    Warranty – 7-years

Blending power

Vitamix 7500 motor is a 2.2-peak horsepower – the motor generates 1400 watts. There is an adjusted cooling fan on the motor base which keeps the blender cool also, the motor base contains thermal protection system. When the blender is too hot, it will shut off automatically. The cooling fan provides you run the blender for a few minutes.

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Noise level

This Vitamix has the G-series motor, which is next-gen. And next-gen motors are less noisy than other blenders. When the blender is in use it is 40% less noisy than other Vitamix – so in the morning you can make your smoothie without the disturbance of other sleep. If you or your family members have any hearing issues then this would be the best choice for you.

The Blade

The blade material is hardened stainless steel which makes the blade very durable and sharp as well. It can crush or blend any toughest items in a matter of time. Vitamix blades do not require to replace like other standard blenders. So keep using your Vitamix 7500 blade for many years to come without any hassle.

Speed control

Generally, Vitamix blenders provide 10-variable speed control on the knob. Vitamix 7500 also provides this features and you can always control the blender while it is in use. Every time the Vitamix blender will give you a perfect recipe.

When you blend any hard item, increase the speed level. And when making any soft item, keep lower the speed level.

Pulse feature

The pulse feature of the Vitamix is another speed control button that is also located on the knob just beside the 10-variable speed. The Pulse button usually used when you want a burst blending so that the recipe can make quickly. For the toughest items to grind, the pulse button is the best.


Black, white and red – these are the three colors of Vitamix 7500. As the blender has three different colors, you can choose the color you like. Different colors have a different price range but the features are the same. That means, the color will vary the price of Vitamix 7500 but you will get the same benefits.

Low-profile container

You must know, low-profile containers are large and wide enough. Vitamix 7500 has a 64-oz low-profile container which is perfect to make a meal for the family such as soups. And the container is made of BPA-free plastic. Also, the container will fit under your kitchen cabinet since it is not too tall.

The goodies

Here come the goodies – you will have some of the beautiful goodies with Vitamix 7500 blender. The goodies are – a getting started guide or user manual, a cookbook, a low-profile 64-oz container, a low-profile tamper, and a 2.2-peak horsepower motor base.

When you using the blender for the first time, make sure you read through the whole getting started guide. The cookbook you will get, it contains many of the Vitamix recipes, you should try them.


Vitamix 7500 is a multi-functional blender (this is one of the reasons people like this) that can do many jobs. Blending, chopping, mixing, grinding, crushing – it can do everything for you and reduce your stress from cooking. As it can do all of these, Vitamix 7500 is considered a food processor.

Vitamix 7500 recipes are – smoothies, dips & spreads, sauces, salsa, batters, nut butter, pizza dough, hot soups, ice-cream or frozen desserts, salads, etc. You can chop any veggies or fruits in it as well. You can grind seeds or nuts or coffee beans in Vitamix 7500.

Since Vitamix 7500 can do so many things, you can consider buying this.

Easy to clean

In terms of cleaning Vitamix 7500, you don’t need to give any hard effort. Vitamix blenders provide the self-cleaning properties which mean the blender can clean itself. You will need a drop of the dishwasher and warm water to clean the blender container. Add these items to the jar and run it for a few seconds.

And then turn off the blender and rinse it with water properly.


You will get 7-years of the full coverage warranty from Vitamix 7500 blender. Vitamix blenders are renowned for their durability and the warranty level. During the using period if there are any issues then you can replace your Vitamix. Vitamix users recommend buying this one as the blender can last for many years.


Vitamix blenders are a little bit pricey as it is a high-quality blender.  The price of Vitamix 7500 is not a big issue as you will have the best features and a blender that can be used as a food processor. By considering the features and benefits, the price is worth paying.

Final Words

Vitamix 7500 is an impressive powerful blender, you will get all the best features from this blender. Vitamix 7500 is a great blender choice for the people who need to use the blender machine daily, and who have a busy life. If you are one of them then you should consider getting this Vitamix model. Since Vitamix 7500 has a powerful motor base and this is a very durable blender, you will be satisfied by using this blender.