Which Magic Spoon Cereal Should You Try First?

When you think back to your childhood on a Saturday morning, were you watching cartoons and eating cereal? Or how about waking up early for school and you needed to eat something simple and quick and your mom or dad just put out the cereal box and milk on the counter for you to pour yourself a bowl of your favorite cereal. If you think back, it probably wasn’t the most healthy cereal you are feeling nostalgic about. It was the colorful boxes that had games and puzzles on the back for you to interact and play with. You never paid any attention to the nutrition facts, but if you did you would see that the cereal was most likely loaded with sugar and carbs, and lacked the necessary protein for a well rounded meal. If you ate it before school, you probably found yourself hungry a few hours before lunch because the sugar and carbs did not take you very far into your day feeling full.

Or maybe you were in college and you didn’t really know how or even feel like cooking and the easiest thing was to just pour yourself a bowl of cereal to munch on as a meal or late night snack. But there was that one day where you took a look at the nutrition facts and you were astounded at the amount of sugar you were taking into your body. You could not believe how much some of your favorite childhood cereal was lacking in essential nutrients! And maybe you are now in this time of your life where you are caring about what you are putting into your body. You want to cut down on sugar and carbs, as well as add more protein into your diet. But you love that cereal you have been so faithful to since mornings before school or those Saturday mornings watching cartoons. Do you ditch the cereal or ditch the healthy mindset?

Health and Cereal

Well, I am here to tell you that you can have both. You no longer need to choose one or the other, but you can combine the tastiness of your childhood cereal and the health goals you have into one bowl. Magic Spoon cereal is here to make everything right in the world by offering you the magic of your childhood cereal with more protein and less carbs. No more feeling guilty about your love for cereal or feeling like you aren’t giving your body what it needs. You can eat this cereal as part of your morning breakfast routine, a late night snack, or any time of the day where you are craving the taste and ease of a bowl of cereal. Ditch the overloaded sugar and carbs in your cereal and replace it with better quality sweetness, lower carbs, and higher protein.

It is Gluten-Free and Grain-Free

Before, it was a lot more difficult to find food items that were gluten-free and grain-free. More and more products are being offered as gluten and grain free options, and Magic Spoon is one of them. Maybe you could eat cereal as a kid but realized later in life that gluten bothered your stomach and body, and cutting it out of your diet has allowed you to feel much better. However, it’s been sad to leave your favorite cereals in the past. Now you can enjoy the similar tastes of your childhood cereals while also enjoying taking care of your body by staying clear of gluten and grain in your cereal.

It’s Cost Effective

A lot of health products can be expensive these days. You want to eat healthy, but it can feel impossible to afford everything you want to give your body the necessary nutrients it needs to thrive. This cereal can be cost effective for you, as it only costs you about $1.95 per bowl that you pour yourself. That can be a fairly cheaper meal option for someone who is living on a tight budget but wants to eat things with less carbs and more protein.

Bye Bye, Sugar

Maybe you have a sweet tooth and you crave sweeter tasting food items. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time, you’re all about something that airs on the sweeter side. And you love those sweet cereals, and you have tried to eat the healthier cereals that don’t have any sugar in them. But to you they seem bland and you feel pretty miserable when you eat them. You just keep dreaming about the days of when you ate cereal as a child, and didn’t think about the sugar content. The nice thing about Magic Spoon is there is no cane sugar, corn syrup, or sugar alcohols. There also are no artificial colors or sweeteners added like many of your childhood cereals. They use monk fruit, stevia, and allulose for the sweeter taste you desire in your cereal. Allulose is found in items like figs and maple syrup so it is sweet like regular sugar, however has almost a zero glycemic impact with little to no calories. This might be a better option for you if you are trying to cut out all of the cane sugar and artificial sweeteners out of your diet.

The Future of Cereal

Maybe you are a post grad and you are still faithful to that bowl of cereal you have been eating since your childhood, but you really are trying to be more conscious about what you are putting in your body. Magic Spoon can give you the best of both worlds. You might even be a parent of a child who loves cereal and you are looking for a better alternative for your child to get more protein while also taking in less carbs and a natural sweetener. Toss in some fresh blueberries or bananas and enjoy a new and improved version of your childhood cereal mixed with some fresh fruit to start off your day. Which should you try first? Try the cocoa if you are a chocolate lover. Try the peanut butter if you loved those Reese Puffs growing up. You can also try the frosted kind if you are a frosted flake lover. Were fruit loops for you? Try Magic Spoon’s fruity cereal and enjoy the protein and low carb option while you watch those Saturday morning cartoons.