Online Jargon – Slots Games Lingo

Online casinos are a great way to feel the low thrill of a casino without wearing the best outfits. But there are many features in the online casino world that many young people do not know. The world of online casinos is surrounded by jargon, and even seasoned gamblers can be confused. That’s why we created this helpful guide to online casino at Hellspins Slots understanding to help you better understand what’s going on with slot machines.

Jargon online casino – Vocabulary

All or nothing

The player will win if he has all the cards. For example, in Keno, a player will be declared the winner if he or she has all the numbers.

The bank

This is the amount of money you spend on a game. Your bankroll will be visible.

Basic Slots

These are single-line slot machines with a static jackpot. These are useful slot machines for those new to the world of online casino gambling. They are not heavy and are easy to take.

Bonus features

Almost every online gambling machine has bonus features that create amazing features like bonus games and free kits. You will be able to find out what bonus features look like by looking at an expert guide on your favorite gambling machine.

Cascading coils

This is a feature on online spaces where any winning lines will be replaced by new spinning wheels.

Casino bonus

Many online casinos offer registration bonuses and here at HellSpins we have tons of new customer offers. But don’t worry if you are already a customer, as we always do something for everyone. You can go to the Unibet promotional tab to find out about the latest casino bonuses, as well as other offers, for example, at the bookmaker’s office.

Casino tournament

A tournament in which casino players play to win a certain prize. The goal is to play slot machines or other casino games and compete on board. Each casino competition is different and lasts for a while. You can win a $ 25,000 share in some casino tournaments, while most popular casino tournaments focus on $ 5,000 slot machine competitions.


The amount you bet on each line. Before spinning, remember how much you bet.

Special posts

Special posts

HellSpins offers several special slot machines in our community. You can see which games are special in the first picture of the game.

Extending jokes

This is a special kind of stretch mark in the wild to cover the entire tractor. By doing so, you create a winning combination and can create great wins.

Free spin

It can be an extra spin on a slot machine where you don’t need to place a bet to play. They are usually offered as a casino bonus. Free spins can be won while playing online slots, but they can also be rewarded if you place a bet at the bookmaker’s office or activate promotions.


A player who has invested heavily in an online casino and is known for betting. Their potential costs are high, but their risk is also high.


Jackpot is the highest amount of money an online machine can pay. Some slot machines offer random jackpots while others offer progressive jackpots. In progressive jackpot games, a small portion of your stakes can be added to the full jackpot, which means that the more you and other players play, the bigger the jackpot. For more information you can visit


Now that you’ve learned a lot about slots release, it’s time to test your knowledge at HellSpins Casino. We offer a wide variety of sloths for every taste. If you are new to the world of online ropes, don’t worry – there are plenty of guides to help you, and many games offer a small $ 0.20 wager.