15 Most Popular Necklace Designs for Women

1 .The Pendant

This necklace design comes in either a silver or gold chain. It has a single piece as its pendant. It is an all-rounder necklace that can fit with almost any outfit.

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2. Collar/ Choker

The pharaohs wore this design. The collar necklace is easily adjustable around the neck. You can also have a choker designed to fit your size. A choker sits higher on your neck while a collar design falls just below the collar bone.

3. Adjustable Chain

This design comes in high-quality gold or sterling silver. Yet, it isn’t easy to find the right length. Hence, one often has to buy different chains before settling on the correct length for them.

4. Beaded Necklace

This kind has also been in style for centuries. Beaded necklaces are made using glass beads, coral beads, crystal beads, or clay beads. Pair this kind of jewelry with jeans and a sweater, casual dress, or t-shirt.

5. Bib Necklace

This design has different layers that cover the breastbone. The necklace is, however, often popular with celebrities due to its high price. Still, if you are looking to leave a lasting impression, this is the right necklace.

6. Princess Necklace

This design stands out due to its artistry and length. Its slender-shaped rhinestones add an aura of class. Often available in 18-inch width, it is one of the most flattering necklaces one can have.

7. The Locket

This is a traditional pendant necklace. It is often passed down from one generation to another within a family. It has sentimental value; hence, it could hold a picture or other memento. The locket is best paired with an opera chain.  These were popular for 1930s jewelry styles.

8. Festoon Necklace

This kind of necklace has also been in style for centuries. The jewelry is crafted using chains as well as other elements such as gems. The ancient usage of this necklace makes it a contemporary classic. You can spot a festoon necklace by its draping design.

9. Lariat Necklace

A lariat necklace is longer than the opera chain. It is unique because it does not have a clasp. Also, the chain forms a long rope that can be tied or pulled through a round finder. The lariat necklace sits below one’s belly button.

10. Altered Art Design

An altered art necklace is one that has become very popular. It includes materials such as pearls, lockets, and charms. All these materials are featured in the jewelry. This type of necklace is best suited for casual clothing.

11. The Riviere

This design comprises at least one row of precious gemstones. The gemstones become smaller as they reach the back. The necklace is often available in the princess length. This type is a classic and is best worn for special occasions.

12. The Lavalier

This necklace has a slender chain and a small pendant with decorative stones. It is available in a princess length. It looks best when complemented with feminine or bohemian fashion.

13. Negligee

This design is similar to the lavalier, only better. It comprises non-matched drops, which are irregular in shape. The asymmetrical design of this necklace makes it a favorite with women.

14. Charm Necklace

This design is famous as a collectible. It features charms that the wearer finds relevant. This kind of necklace is best worn with casual wear. For the best charm necklace, go for the vintage style.

15. The Shoulder Necklace

This is a truly feminine piece. However, over the years, it has been significantly underrated. It is used for occasions such as galas and weddings. The bold style is widely recommended for lovers of the shoulder necklace.

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