15 Trendy Kitchen Must-Haves to Purchase

Every now and then, there are new inventions launched in the market designed to make cooking and preparing food quicker and easier. From the cheese slicers to the electric kettle, such developments truly make one’s experience in the kitchen a lot better.

If you’re looking to add items to your kitchen and have no idea what kitchen innovations you missed, check out this list of trendy kitchen must-haves to purchase:

  1. Dusting Wand – If you always wanted to make a fancy cocoa-dusted cup of coffee or donut sprinkled with powdered sugar but find the process quite messy, a dusting wand makes it possible to do these recipes like a PRO.
  2. Butter cutter stick and butter spreader knife– These two tools are totally different in design and purpose (one “cuts” butter by just placing the entire block into the stick and simply clicking the tool to cut, while the other works like an ordinary bread knife, except it has tiny holes designed specifically to scrape and then release butter). You can buy both, or just go with the tool that gives you the type of sliced butter you prefer.
  3. Butter churner – And while we’re in the subject of butter, get this butter churner if you love everything DIY. This tool can help you make butter from scratch at home. How cool is that?
  4. Whisk cleaner – If you bake and frost things, you’ll never get over how convenient a whisk cleaner is going to be. You don’t benefit from this tool only during clean-up; it will already work its magic while you use the whisk since it keeps splashes and drips from happening as well.
  5. Spiralizer – For anyone who began a low-carb diet, switching yummy noodles to healthier alternatives can be a challenge. But with a spiralizer, you can use carrots, zucchini, cucumber, bell pepper, parsnip, sweet potato, cabbage, onion, beet and a whole lot more for your recipes.
  6. Stuffed hamburger press – Perfect for those who love to grill and make their own burgers, this burger press lets you easily stuff chillies, cheese, bacon and other ingredients inside your meat of choice. It’s super simple to use, but definitely gives impressive results.
  7. Hotdog toaster – Not a burger person, but could eat hot dogs for days? This hot dog toaster toasts the hotdog buns while cooking your favorite hotdogs or franks in one go.
  8. Sandwich Cutter and Sealer – Almost every kid goes through a phase where they don’t like eating edges of sandwiches. If you’re a parent to one, make your life easier with this tool – it was designed specifically to cut off the unwanted sides, then stamp-to-seal the newly-cut edges.
  9. Fruit corer – If the seeds on an apple turns you off from eating this delicious fruit, you need to buy an apple corer. These would work for pears and other similarly-sized fruits. For bigger ones like pineapple, you need to buy a separate one. There are also pitters for small fruits like cherries and olives, and “hullers” for strawberries.
  10. Meat thermometer – No more guessing if the middle of your turkey or other chunks of meat is still cold or not. With a meat thermometer, you can find out the accurate temperature within seconds.
  11. Taco holder – Do you regularly make tacos from scratch at home? This stainless-steel tool holds the tacos up, so you just have to stuff it in with your choice of fillings and not worry about them spilling sideways.
  12. Corn stripper – For those who love corn, but don’t like the feeling of digging your teeth onto the cob, then use a corn stripper to take the kernels out and use for your salad, baked goods or other recipes.
  13. Quesadilla maker – If you live in a household in love with quesadillas, invest in this non-stick kitchen tool that’s going to be a favorite at parties. Imagine the types of fillings you can experiment with, while making your quesadillas extra cheesy. You won’t have to buy them at your local restaurants ever again.

I had been avoiding recommending brands because it would take us days to review all of them, but the last two kitchen must-haves are just too good to pass.

  1. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner – Just pour water and vinegar, then place this adorable “mama” figure inside your microwave oven for about 7 minutes. I promise, you won’t ever need any other microwave cleaner after you’ve tried this tool.
  2. Bear Paw Shredder Claws – Whether you want a tool to make pulled pork quickly, or you just want to look as cool as wolverine in the kitchen, this pair of Bear Paw shredder claws are a great addition to any meat lover’s kitchen.

Lastly, if your kitchen isn’t equipped with a microwave yet, you’re totally missing out! I use mine for a lot of things, from reheating any kind of food, to melting butter, cheese or chocolate blocks, and even baking a cookie, cupcake or bread-on-a-mug. Check this guide if you’re confused about what microwave to buy between convection and inverter models.