7 Must have Gears for Mornings

Start your day with some effective and strong routine so that you can be productive throughout the day. When your morning routine is strong, you can be produced more that leads you to accomplish your goal.

Most of us start our morning by drinking a glass of water since we do not drink while we sleep which causes dehydration. While some people do some workouts or go jogging.

Usually, these are part of our daily activities. But the first thing you should do in the morning is drinking at least two glass of water.

This guide will tell you what you should drink or eat in the morning that will feel you energize.

1. Water

You may think why water comes at first? Yes, water is very crucial for our body since our body is made of 2/3rd water. To balance the fluids or water level, a person should drink plenty of water.

It’s a good idea to drink water once you wake up in the morning as this will help cleansing plus the detoxifying process in the body.

Before having your breakfast, drink a large glass of water. It is very helpful to balance your body temperature, circulation, digestion, absorption, and so on.

Water lubricates the joints, it delivers oxygen to the body, water is great for skin as well.

Water cushioned sensitive tissues including spinal cord and brain. Water flushes any toxic from the body and keeps your liver in good condition.

2. Coffee

When it comes to energy-boosting, coffee takes the first place – a cup of coffee will make you more productive than other drinks you try.

If you ask someone, what is the most popular beverage in the world, the answer would be COFFEE.

Coffee provides a variety of different recipes that you can try to drink in the morning. Have you ever checked the Nespresso? If not then try this to prepare your coffee.

You can drink iced coffee, cappuccino, latte, or other coffee drinks.

Coffee contains antioxidants, helps burn fat, coffee helps lower depression, decrease certain cancers, improve sports life, improve heart health, and coffee helps increase longevity.

3. Smoothie

Smoothie is one of the best drinks to boost your morning energy plus to lead to an energized day.

There are lots of smoothie recipes available and making this drink is super easy.

You will need some fruits that you love to eat and milk – blend fruits and milk into the blender for a few seconds. And then drink immediately.

Combine banana with blueberries or strawberries with whole or almond milk. Or make banana mango smoothie or use any seasonal fruits to prepare your favorite smoothie.

4. Green Smoothie

Compared to fruit smoothies, a green smoothie is better for our health. Green smoothies are full of vitamins, nutritions, and hydration which is considered the energy-boosting drink.

You can make a healthy yet delicious green smoothie with ice, celery by adding some fruits as well.

We’d recommend you only drink green smoothies, such as – kale smoothie, celery smoothie, or spinach smoothie.

Add some lemon juice or a pinch of salt if you don’t like the smell.

Green smoothies also help reduce weight and are great for our health.

5. Tea

Tea is another energy buzz, tea is one of the most delicious drinks that help relieve from stress. When you drink tea in the morning, this will boost your brain function that helps fire up your energy level.

You can add tea to your breakfast since tea works great for memory problems.

A cup of tea in the morning helps your body get a normal fluid intake that helps you being hydrated.

Besides, if you want to lose weight then drink tea since it reduces weight as well.

6. Almonds

Almond is considered the powerhouse for our bodies. That’s because almond is rich in fiber (best for weight loss), copper, protein, Vitamin E, magnesium, and copper.

You can also eat almond milk, almond butter instead of whole almond. Or make almond-based smoothie and drink as a morning beverage.

However, a 3/4 cup of almonds has an 8-ounce cup of calcium that is good enough to boost your energy for the day.

7. Eggs

Eggs are inexpensive but the great source of protein and needless to say that – having egg as breakfast will increase your energy for the day.

Egg contains Vitamin A, B2, D, E, and B12. Also, it is a great source of iron and calcium.

For healthy people, it is suggested to eat at least 3 whole eggs per day.

When you eat egg this works like magic to improve your liver function, the egg contains choline that helps increase the metabolism,

If you still do not add eggs to your breakfast then you should add this energy-boosting food to the list.

Other Foods For Mornings

These were 7 must-have for mornings but there are some other foods you can eat to boost your energy level.

1. Bananas

You should eat bananas since it is one of the best foods that boost energy. Banana rich in potassium, and Vitamin B6 that boosts the energy level.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal could be a classic energy-boosting breakfast for you – oatmeal is rich in fiber and protein plus it can reduce cholesterol.

Oatmeal is full of grains that are great for controlling blood pressure as well.

3. Blueberries

Eat some small berries with your breakfast – blueberries have a great number of antioxidants, fiber, and phytonutrients that help your body run normally by preventing disease.

Blueberries also improve heart health, fight against cancer, and boost your brain function so starting your day with blueberries is worth it.

4. Peanut Butter

It is a calorie-dense food that is great in an energy boost. Peanut butter is healthy, keeps blood sugar stable, and contains fiber as well.

Instead of eating your morning toast with jam or jelly, eat butter. Making peanut butter at home is very simple if you have a high-end blender.

Just add some roasted nuts to the container and run the blender until it takes the butter form.

So these were some power-packed foods that help you kick-start your day to promote energy level.