Best electric water kettle

Are you thinking of buying a kettle for your infusions, but don’t know which one? Do so many different brands and models overwhelm you? Relax, I want to help you choose the best. When we get home after a hard day at work, what we want most is to relax and a good way to do it is to enjoy a delicious and aromatic infusion.

Because to start the day there is nothing better than a cup of coffee to get active and start with energy in your daily activities. And the way to get your drink faster and make your life easier is with a kettle at home.

The best electric water kettle is the KitchenAid Electric Kettle.

What is the best electric kettle for tea?

There is various kind of tea kettle in the market but I think Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle is the best one.

Why should I buy an electric kettle?

Well, the answer is simple: to have a better quality drink and not worry about being aware of when the water boils. It is also used to heat water for cooking or to prepare baby bottles.

Something as simple as water being heated to the right temperature and not taking on the flavor of the pot or container in which it was heated can make the difference between a regular and a perfect infusion.

What electric kettle to buy

If the idea of buying a kettle seems more and more attractive to you, I consider that you should take into account the following factors to facilitate the process of finding the best one for you:


By this I mean the amount of water you can boil in one go. The kettles on the market have a capacity ranging from 0.8 liters to 1.8 liters.

If you are a person who has frequent visits or you have a large family and everyone enjoys tea, a good capacity kettle is for you.

Power and Consumption

These two factors have a lot to do with each other. Choosing a kettle with good power is essential as it will allow you to heat the water more quickly. I consider the standard power of a kettle to be 2200W so anything higher than that is already starting to go into good power.

Regarding consumption, this has to do with power since the higher the power, the greater the electrical consumption there will be.

For example; a kettle of 2200 W per hour consumes about 0.36 euros an hour. It is also not an extremely expensive price considering that we will not have it on for an hour, right?

Temperature Selection

It is an important factor. Choose a kettle model in which you can choose the temperature in which it will heat at your choice. Also that the selector buttons are quality and easy to use.

Does it keep warm?

This is an option that some kettles on the market have. It is quite useful since it consists in that when it reaches the boiling point, the jug will keep the heat of the water for a few minutes.

It’s great since you won’t have to worry about if the water is going to get cold if you are not at the exact moment of its boiling.

With or without cable

Today’s kettles can usually separate the jug from the base of the jug (which is where the resistance is located) and therefore the jug is completely free of cables and the water can be served at a greater distance.

Although it is true that there are battery-powered models that do not work with electric current and therefore do not have any cables, the difference with those that do have them is not much to say.

Wireless models are recommended if you are traveling or camping. At home choose one with cables.


These devices can be made of 3 types of material: plastic, stainless steel, and glass.

  • The former tend to be a little cheaper but over time they tend to be stained by the sediments in the water.
  • Those of stainless steel has a longer life and are more stylish as well as being more hygienic.
  • And the glass ones are also hygienic and very nice but you have to be careful because the jar is more prone to breaking.


There are some models of kettles that have interesting functions such as keeping hot water, automatic shutdown or others less known such as being a kettle and kettle in one device.


This is an aesthetic factor of great importance for some people. As I mentioned before, there are plastic, steel and glass kettles, but in addition to that, there are also kettles with led lights and retro shapes. Much depends on your taste the design to choose. Also keep in mind that if you choose a very exclusive design, its price will probably be higher.


Regarding this factor, try to choose a model that automatically turns off or disconnects when you reach the desired temperature. This way you will avoid possible accidents at home. Another very useful function when guaranteeing safety is the sound indicator that will indicate that the water has reached the chosen temperature.

Cal accumulation

It is a factor of great importance since the accumulated lime could damage the appliance in the long term. Therefore, I recommend choosing a model that has a lime filter, which you can easily remove and wash.


Kettles as appliances with resistors cannot be washed under the tap or in the dishwasher. Therefore it is better to choose a model of a material that is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Those of stainless steel is a great option in these cases, as they are quite hygienic. You should also take into account the above factor and choose a model that includes a lime filter because it is the biggest problem with kettles.

Does the body of the jar heat up?

Most electric kettles have resistance at the base of the jug, which allows the water to reach the proper temperature to reach the boiling state. The problem is when the jar also gets that temperature. So before you buy an electric kettle, make sure the material in the jug allows the heat to stay only inside the jug.