Different Styles Of Kid’s Clothes Available In The Market

Consumerism is a rising trend, and more people are buying branded clothes for their kids these days. Most of the brands in the market claim to have good quality and designs, but that is not always true. Below we discuss the different styles of kids’ clothes available in the market, with the pros and cons of each type.

The popularity of children’s clothing has evolved. Children now grow up surrounded by a sea of products that they can see in every store window on their way to school or at playtime in malls or shopping centers.

Variety Of Styles In Kid’s Clothing

1. Cotton Kids Clothes

The first type you can get from Kids Clothes Wholesale store is the cotton. Most brands these days prefer to use cotton in their clothes manufactured for kids. Cotton has a lot of benefits and is also a very suitable material for making garments because it drapes slightly and is soft against the skin, so kids get comfy too.

It is sturdy and lasts long without shrinking too much. However, this also has one drawback. The materials used in production are chemical-based, which is not very sustainable, but that does not affect the quality of the product itself.

If a program for environmental sustainability for garments exists, then it can be achieved by changing the materials to be used or keeping them chemical free by using natural fabrics.

2. Synthetic Kids Clothes

The second type of Trendy Kids Wholesale Clothing is made of synthetic materials. Many brands are making synthetic clothes for kids because most research suggests it is not a good idea to go with cotton for their clothing items, especially those meant to be worn by kids. Synthetic clothes usually last longer and are less likely to fall apart.

3. Labels for Kids Clothes

Different types of labels are used to mark specialty clothes for kids;

  • Eco Label – These clothes usually have an eco-label on them. If a well-known brand manufactures such type of garment, then there will be a lot of consumers who want to buy it, so the demand is higher than usual.
  • Kids Label – This label is used on children’s garments like slacks, shirts, jackets, shorts, etc.

4. Organic Kids Clothes

The third type of kids’ clothes is made from organic materials; they always have an eco-friendly label. They have been produced using natural fibers and therefore do not produce harmful chemicals when worn by children. Some of the features of these clothes include:

  • Good for kids’ health
  • It lasts longer as compared to other clothes because of the composition
  • Comfortable to wear because they are made from natural fibers

5. Eco-Friendly Kids Clothes

Eco-friendly kid’s clothes are the latest trend that parents are following. These clothes have an eco-label on them, which means they have been produced using natural fibers and therefore do not produce harmful chemicals when worn by children.

An advantage of these clothes is their comfort and the fact that they are made from natural fibers, which means they last longer than other kids’ clothes.