Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies to Try this Year

Who doesn’t love chocolate cookies? Whether it’s the endearing memory that comes with dunking your cookie in a warm glass of milk or merely begging your mom for that one last cookie of the day, these chocolaty treats are indeed something everyone cherishes wholeheartedly.

But rarely do we find an excellent alternative to chocolate chip cookies that is also gluten-free. So, what makes these gluten-free cookies the best that they can be?

Chocolate chip cookies are one dessert staple that you will find in every household, and getting good gluten-free options is just as essential for a healthy lifestyle. Here are some gluten-free elements that you must look for in your chocolate chip cookies when you go grocery shopping next time.

What Makes The Perfect Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie?

When the chocolate chip cookie’s memory first comes to mind, your senses are surrounded by the cookies’ buttery aroma with the soft, chewy deliciousness that follows. Well-made chocolate chip cookies leave the taste of the chocolaty goodness lingering for days, which only leaves you wanting more.

But what exactly makes up the perfect chocolate chip cookie? What are the right ingredients that you should be on the lookout for when selecting the ideal chocolate chip cookie?

Well, to answer that, you need to have the finest, most premium ingredients on the list. The secret to a decadent and delicious chocolate chip cookie lies in its heavenly composition, free of any preservatives and artificial flavorings.

Chocolate chip cookies are usually associated with a massive intake of calories. The relatively high calories are due to the amount of sugar within the cookies and chocolate. Try opting for cookies that have a lesser amount of sugar or are sweetened with natural sweeteners low in caloric levels.

The Bigger, the Better

Chocolate chip cookies are one treat that nobody wants to end. You end up gobbling them in no time, and you’re left with still a growling stomach and a desire to eat more. The quick fix to this hunger is opting for adequately sized cookies.

So, what’s the ideal size for a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie? Well, one easy way to measure is by looking up the weight of a singular cookie. Anywhere between 2 to 3 ounces is good enough for a single serving.

If measuring out by the net weight is difficult for you, try comparing it to the size of your hand. If the cookie manages to fit the perimeters of your palm, it’s good to go if it’s bigger, then that’s even better!

What’s Inside Matters The Most

Size and ingredients aside, what makes the chocolate chip cookies are the chocolate chip itself. Whether it’s the milk chocolate specs of hard chocolate or the gooey spills of massive chunks, everyone has their chocolate chip cookies preferences.

We believe, the more chips there are, the more decadent the experience gets. Your mouth is a pool of cookie crumbs mixed with melted goodness of pockets of chocolate. You can’t get enough of that chocolaty goodness.

Texture matters the most when choosing your chocolate chip cookie. If you’re looking for chewy bits of chocolate chips, then a regular cookie is better suited for you. But if you prefer that melted gooey richness of overflowing chocolate in your mouth, your best bet is double chocolate.


All in all, we hope that through our article, you found the guide to selecting the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookie. Happy snacking!