Must Have Kitchen Appliances

If you are a housewife or a chef, kitchen is the place you spend most of your time. Some people simply love to buy stuff, especially when it comes to kitchen they wish to have all the gadgets in the world. It is not an easy task to figure out what are the most important appliances required to run the kitchen. There are hundreds of tools and appliances that you can have in your kitchen for the smooth cooking adventure but here we are going to review 3 must have items in the kitchen. 


Juicer is one the must have appliance and if you don’t have one already, go ahead and get one. A Juicer is not only great to squeeze lemon, lime or orange juice but when you need vegetable juice for any specific recipe you can have it in no time using your juicer and blender. Manual extraction is an old school plus it doesn’t give you required results and it requires extra effort as well. Further you don’t have to worry about pulp and seeds mixing into the drink 

Fresh juices are superior in taste and quality when compared to anything you buy from the market. Once you get the taste of fresh juices you will never go back to the stored ones. 

Rice Cooker

Second most important kitchen appliance you must have is an electric rice cooker. Rice is one of the most cooked and loves dishes around the world and every household probably cooks rice twice a week or perhaps more often than that. Rice Cooker not only cooks delicious, fluffy and restaurant quality rice but it also can make multiple dishes such as porridge, soup, pasta, risotto, yogurt and even a cake. With a best rice cooker under 50$ you don’t have to worry about rice being undercooked or overcooked. Modern devices equipped with AI have astonishing functionality such as delay timer, automatic keep warm function keeps the food warm for hours at serving temperature. If you check the best zojirushi rice cooker reviews you’d know that you can prepare rice and steam vegetables simultaneously without having to run around the entire kitchen. Toss in the ingredients, turn the device on and sit back to watch the rice cooker do the magic. Click here to read a detailed review of Reishunger Rice Cooker.


There won’t be a single kitchen without a colander. And you need colander whenever you step into the kitchen every day. If you need to drain pasta, vegetables, homemade fries, colander will come in handy. Using the traditional method of holding the lid and pouring hot water out of the pot is okay but it is risky and you might burn your hands with the steam escaping the pot. A colander is the safest way to pour out hot water from the pot without endangering yourself. 

You most probably already have one or the two of these useful gadgets in your kitchen. Start using in order to reduce the amount of effort you put in cooking every day.