Places to buy engagement rings in Singapore

If you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and propose to your beloved, Singapore is among the best places to get an engagement ring. The place has the most reputable and best wedding vendors that sell engagement rings. This article will make your search for an engagement ring in Singapore easier by listing some of the places you can get these rings. You can pick from the list the jeweller you would want to get your ring from. This list will not be helpful only now but also later when you want to get anniversary gifts.

Places to purchase engagement rings in Singapore.

1. Carat 55

This is a private jeweller selling various chic and modern engagement rings. The rings are also striking, and the packaging is attractive. It is a diamond studio offering fine jewellery that is highly recommendable. The varieties of engagement rings available are impressive and beautiful. They sell princess, marquise, heart-shaped, pear, and more types of rings. Most of the rings found in this store come with a setting and design that appeal to new couples. It is also certified by the Gemological Institute of America, and a gemologist examines the products to ensure that customers are getting the best quality. The team here is talented in creating fine and unique rings, and in case of a request to customize the ring, this team is committed to delivering the exact design you will be looking for.

2. Ling jewellery

Since its establishment, this jeweller has built a strong and different reputation for its beautiful customized engagement rings. The founder of this shop was motivated by a passion for design and knowledge, having graduated from the Gemological Institute of America. The rings found in this store are ideal for new and modern couples. The jeweller focuses on customization, and as a result, couples get rings created with a lot of skills and high-end craftsmanship. A happy client is their primary goal, and they ensure they give the customer the design they wanted and meet their entire requirement. For individuals looking for something unique, this jeweller offers coveted pigeon blood ruby, a pink sapphire that is rare but interesting and popular among the morganite gem.

3. Carrie K

This jeweller comes up with innovative designs created with quality craftsmanship. The jeweller has also won awards on the best jewellery collection and, therefore, is reputable and trustworthy. The founder was motivated after a trip to Florence, where she loved the silversmith works and jewellery designs. Since then, this store has been winning awards which is evidence of a hardworking team. The best thing about this store is that jewellers are always being innovated and reinvented to suit modern couples. Instead of them being followers of the trends, they do the setting while others follow. The popular design with the jeweller is the storytelling design where diamond dots represent a morse code. If you visit this store, you find a lot of engagement rings collections to choose from.

4. James Allen

This is another trustworthy jeweller in Singapore with a wide range of engagement rings. The goal of the jeweller is to offer high-quality diamonds with a large selection. They possess more than two hundred thousand diamonds certified by the best and popular laboratory. What is fantastic about this jeweller is that they design the ring in three different ways. First, there is a setting, picking the diamonds of your choice, and a fancy gemstone. The money-back guarantee is also an excellent feature allowing the customers to return the ring and have their money back if they are not satisfied.

In summary, Singapore is full of jewellers that sell all kinds of rings, from engagement rings to wedding rings. Apart from getting rings with the best designs, the teams can customize the ring to your specifications and deliver exactly what you want. It is a good place to get your loved one an engagement ring.

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