Places to Get Perfume in Singapore

Singapore is one place you cannot miss quality perfumes for men and women and people of all age groups. You can also find fragrances from different brands with others intense and others with soft and feminine scents. The place has many stores selling perfumes, with others even selling online. Below are some of the stores you can visit and get a perfume in Singapore of your choice.

Mustafa center

This mall is open 24 hours and therefore offers convenience for everyone. The center is one roof but with a lot of stalls selling different things. If you are looking for perfume, get to level one because this is where different types of fragrances are sold.

Lucky plaza

This is located along Orchard road, and it is one place you can get budget-friendly perfumes. Under this roof, you can find different stores selling perfumes. To get the best perfume, you can read online reviews or come with an original perfume bottle to avoid getting a fake fragrance. From the basement to level six, you can come across different stores offering many options you can choose from.

Venus Beauty

This brand is not famous, but it has about 20 stores or more. The brand prides itself as a brand that offers high-quality perfumes and therefore convinces customers that whatever product they will be getting equals what they will be spending. They sell perfume brands such as Gucci, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Victoria’s Secret.

Fragrance castle

The castle offers a variety of fragrance collections to the residents and tourists. The brand imports its collection directly from the manufacturers’ makings of its original products. Also, if you shop from this seller, you will get quality and authentic products and, above all, the latest products launched in the market. Moved by the fact that each individual has a unique taste of perfume, fragrance castle was obliged to bring people a collection of quality and well-priced perfumes.

Bonjour cosmetics

This is a website with three retail outlets within Singapore. You can also make online purchases. The good thing about this retailer is that they sell miniatures, which is a good option for people constantly moving and those who want to try new things often. The small bottle gives one the convenience to move with it. For instance, you can get 4ml Kenzo flower perfume for women for only $9. Men can also get perfumes such as Burberry touch in a miniature priced at $9. This allows one to spend less but still enjoy the scent of their liking.

SD perfume

This shop allows for both in-store and online shopping, making everything more accessible. The ladies’ brands offered include Kenzo, Burberry, Moschino, Anna Sui, and Ohana Mahaalo. The men are also not left behind with the store offering perfumes such as Sean Jean, Dunhill, Nautica, Davidoff, and Hugo Boss. It offers unique fragrances, and if you don’t want to smell like many people do, you can get your unique and lovely perfume from this place.


In summary, Singapore is the right place to find the perfume of your choosing. In Singapore, many stores are selling different types of bouquets for both men and women. Others even offer online shopping, thus making the shopping experience enjoyable and easy.