Range Cookers Buying Guide

A high quality range cooker can upgrade any kitchen but there are so many options these days that it can be challenging to choose the right one. Here is our quick buying to help you make the right choice.

The modern range cookers combine great looks with cutting-edge technology. A good quality range cooker can enhance any kitchen. These days, you can find these in many different looks ranging from stylish high-tech to a design offering a country cottage vibe. The modern technology has made it possible to create a stylish combination of good looks and a huge range of features that make it a pleasure to cook every day. Read reviews of the best range cookers to suit your kitchen at Whichcooker.com.

Buying Guide – Range Cookers

Fuel Source – One of the most important things you need to look at when you are searching for a range cooker for your kitchen is the fuel type. In most cases, you will find it cheaper and easier to use the existing fuel source in your kitchen as changing the fuel source will typically require you to spend a lot on installation costs.

Range Cookers – Different Fuel Types

You can buy electric range cookers with a variety of hob types such as induction, solid plate as well as ceramic. The induction hob cookers tend to be more expensive but offer even and quick heat, and are cheaper to operate as compared to other options. The induction cookers create a magnetic field between the cooking pan and the heating element which allows the hob to stay cool but you will need to use cookware suitable for induction. It is easy to check whether your existing cookware is induction ready. Take a fridge magnet and if it sticks to your pan, it means it is ready for induction.

Most electric range cookers have at least one or multiple fan ovens to ensure faster cooking and preheating times and even temperatures.

When it comes to gas range cookers, their biggest advantage is the low initial cost and lower operating cost. They have a visible heat source and you have a lot of control as you can instantly switch from high heat to a low flame. Most models come with main ignition whereas there are also models with automatic ignition which means you just need to turn the knob to ignite the ballot.

The most popular type of range cooker is dual fuel. These cookers combine the gas hob with an electric oven, and you get the best of both worlds. It is important to make sure that only a Gas Safe Registered technician installs the dual fuel or gas range cooker.

Size – These are bigger in size as compared to traditional cookers but these are available in a wide range of width. Some of the most common sizes are 90 cm, 100 cm and 110 cm. The number of burners will depend on the size of the range cooker but you can expect anywhere from 5 to 8 hob burners, a grill, a storage or warming drawer as well as 2 to 4 ovens. If the kitchen size is limited, consider investing in a mini range cooker (60 cm) which typically has 2 ovens and 4 hobs. When you are taking measurements for your range cooker, do not forget to take into account the gap recommended by the manufacturer between the kitchen cabinets and cooker sides. It is essential for ventilation and will vary from one brand to another.

Price – There is no denying that range cookers tend to be expensive as you can expect to spend anywhere from £600 to more than £4000 for the high-end models. The mid-range cookers usually sell for £1200 – £1500 and these have a ton of features and accessories such as multi-function and fan-assisted ovens. The high-end models typically come with self-cleaning options (catalytic liners) as well as pyrolytic programs.

Features – There is a huge range of features to consider. Hot plates, wok burners, griddles and multi-function ovens are some of the features that offer a lot of versatility. You can also buy range cookers with separate storage for pots and pans. Keeping your cooker cleaner is necessary and it is recommended to choose a range cooker that comes equipped with easy cleaning feature (catalytic oven liners). These are designed to absorb any splashes or spills, and burn it off when you are cooking which means there is no need for you to clean the roof, back and/or sides of your oven.