Ways in which women can wear their wide brim hats during summer


Every season dictates its fashion code. During the summer months, women need to style their dress and accessories to secure from the sun’s harsh rays. And for this, there is no other way than to choose from the wide brim hats or the summer hats with a wide brim that can glam up a summer outfit.

However, you certainly don’t want to look odd when you opt-in for wide brim hats for women. Hence, here are a few styling ideas that can inspire you.

1. A denim apron dress with a classic straw hat

The straw hats are ideal for the summer months as it provides a lightweight shading. This hat looks good when you pair it with your denim apron dress. It comes with a ventilated design that enables you to enjoy the cool breeze.

2. Thin strap dress with a cowboy hat

Do you want to add a country feel to your outfit? If yes, you can choose a cowboy hat. You can choose one that has a beautiful print as it adds to the summery look. You can wear one with the 90s strap dress, which is knee-length and has a superb finish. If you have long hair, you can wear it down to sport a classic chic look.

3. Ripped denim pants and a fedora

With a fedora, you can add a demure and cool look to your dress. It makes you look suave. You can look simple or modish with this hat. If you have a classic fedora with a bow, it can create the best summer look. If you want to add a rugged street style, you can choose a white top and ripped denim pants.

4. Dress in a boater hat

The classic and stylish boater hat was famous in 19th-century movies. The hat gives a cute look and can add a feminine charm to any outfit. You can call it a “standout hat,” which will gain everyone’s attention and sport it with a dress. You can add a great hairstyle and some basic make-up to look classy without much effort.

5. A shirt dress and bucket hat

A bucket hat might remind you of your father going out fishing. You can choose one that comes in adorable, bright colors and lovely patterns. You can wear this hat with a shirt dress that will make you look chic. You can tie a belt around the waist to sport the typical summer look.

6. Mini dress and a floppy hat

The floppy hats are known as the best sun hats.The hat looks stunning on several occasions, and it makes up for versatile summer wear. It comes with a wide brim that offers maximum protection from the sun and the UV rays. You can pair this hat with a mini dress which creates a casual summer look. When you dress up in a mini dress and a floppy hat, it will make you steal glances.

7. Floral summer dress with a floppy striped straw hat

Today, most women opt for the floppy summer hat with a wide brim and trendy stripes. It secures you from the sun’s rays. And when you pair this hat with a floral dress, it creates the best summer look. You can opt-in for one that has a floral design that will create a feminine and laid-back summer look.

8. A white dress and cut-off straw hat

Do you want to sport a western vibe? If yes, you can opt-in for a straw hat with a beard trim that has cut-offs. The look is casual and laid back. It adds some drama to the look and enables maximum airflow. You can pair this hat with a classic white summer dress that looks feminine, fresh, and crisp. When it comes to footwear, you can choose what you are most comfortable in.

9. A flirty dress and a tightly woven Fedora

If you have a tight-woven straw hat, it will look just great with anything from a maxi dress to jeans. You can add a little fun with a ribbon! You can choose a sky-blue shade to add a casual touch. The hat looks best with any outfit you wear. However, it looks somewhat better when you wear it with a flirty dress. You can choose a silky or chiffon fabric with prints that gives a girly vibe along with some feminine sophistication.

10. Jean Pants with a straw cowboy hat

Do you want to create the timeless 19th century look? If yes, you can opt-in for a straw cowboy hat. You can pair it up with slim-fit jean pants in a dark shade that has a uniform wash. You can add more glam to your look when you wear it with high heels.

These are some of the exciting ways to pair up the best ladies wide brim hats with stylish outfits.